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Personal Achievements

It's a conspiracy

Beat the game


Beat the game with 20 lives or less

The Gods are nice

Beat the game using all the favors of the Gods
0 / 9


Reach the second floor of the pyramid

Full power

Buy every Skill Tree node

Compulsive buyer

Buy every level of each Skill Tree node


Obtain Apis' Favor


Obtain Seth's Favor


Obtain Sekhmet's Favor


Obtain Amunet's Favor


Obtain Neith's Favor


Obtain Thoth's Favor


Obtain Hathor's Favor


Obtain Ammit's Favor


The Merchant is open for business

Heavy load

Equip all the weapons
0 / 51

Quadruple jump

Acquire four jumps in a game

Pro skills

Complete a Skill Room

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Defeat Pharaoh in under 15 minutes from when you enter the pyramid

Getting used to it

Die 50 times
0 / 50

Scroll master

Get 10 scrolls in a game

Greedy gods

Pay 5,000 coins or more as a tribute

Scrooge McDuck

Get more than 50,000 coins in a game

Déjà Vu

Use Déjà Vu to keep the layout of a pyramid

It's raining money

Spend 100,000 coins on the Skill Tree
0 / 100,000

That monster had a family

Kill 25,000 minions
0 / 25,000


Find 80 different scrolls
0 / 80

No help

Complete a pyramid without taking scrolls or weapons

Every last inch

Complete a pyramid exploring all of its rooms

Saving ammo

Kill 7 enemies with a single explosion


Find your first blueprint

Sudden death

Beat the game with the Plague Medallion

One weapon only

Beat the game with the Cursed Medallion

Da Vinci

Unlock and buy every medallion
0 / 9

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