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Personal Achievements


Win the first Tournament

Grand Champion

Win the second Tournament

Sinking Feeling

Drown an enemy

Stand Down!

Defeat an enemy with falling damage

Double Agent

Defeat an enemy with a Berserk, Charmed, or Mind-Controlled enemy

Animal Control Officer

Defeat a unit with its Elemental weakness

Crowd Control

Defeat at least 4 enemies with a single hit

Sharp Retort

Defeat an enemy by using a Counter Ability or Thorns

Open Book

View all optional dialogue events

Wearer of Many Hats

Unlock all 20 base Human Classes

Master of All

Master all 20 base Human Classes

Master of Secrets

Master all 6 special badge Classes


Change Class at least once

Master in Your Field

Master any Class

Budding Crafter

Craft your first item

Master Smith

Craft a final-tier weapon

Veteran Investigator

Open 50% of treasure chests

Relentless Investigator

Open all treasure chests

Forbidden Lore

Use your first Class badge


Obtain all gadgets

Master Arbiter

Master all Human story character Classes

Humble Caretaker

Build a Guild Upgrade.

Caretaker of the Realm

Fully upgrade all 5 regions.

Regional Hero

Complete 100% of Missions in one region.

Mission Accomplished!

Complete all Missions.

Warriors and Wild Ones

Master the 3 new Human Classes.

Catch 'em All

Enlist each of the base 18 recruitable Monster types.

Big Game Hunter

Complete all unique Hunts and large-scale battles.

Master of Monsters

Master all 22 Monster Variants.

Small but Fierce!

Defeat an enemy with a Pet Effect.

Monster Party

Complete an encounter deploying only Monsters.

22 hidden achievements remaining

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