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Personal Achievements

Rush & Slash

Perform a Sprint attack

Split Second

Perform a Parry


Perform a Sacrifice


Redeem a Sin


Banish a Sin


Perfect 10 normal attacks in a row


Defeat a enemy


Die from a fall


Sacrifice yourself to the flame


Get knocked out of the arena by Rhodes


Dodge Rhodes' Shield Charge

Ride the Wave

Dodge Rhodes' Shock Wave

Leg Hugger

Hide under Rhodes' feet during the entire fight

Friendly Fire

Use Rhodes' attacks to kill 10 Slave Warriors

Proud Rhodes

Defeat Rhodes


Die from Faiz Tilus' Curse


Die from Faiz Tilus' Poison

Fallen Short

Die to Faiz Tilus after experiencing all his tricks

Hex Proof

Avoid Faiz Tilus' Hex Ritual

Cleansed by Fire

Defeat Faiz Tilus with fire

Greedy Faiz Tilus

Defeat Faiz Tilus


Get devoured by Camber Luce

Six Feet Ice Under

Fall into the Frozen Sea while fighting Camber Luce

Stomach Settler

Defeat Camber Luce without exploiting his weakness

Abdominal Trauma

Defeat Camber Luce by heavily exploiting his weakness

Gluttonous Camber Luce

Defeat Camber Luce

Deep Freeze

Freeze to death while fighting Chanel

Chilled to the Bone

Experience Chanel's true power


Push Chanel too far

Lust Denied

Counter Chanel's attacks 3 times in a row


Defeat Chanel with grace

Lusty Chanel

Defeat Chanel

Coward's Fate

Enrage Angronn with your cowardice, making him destroy the arena


Fight Angronn face to face

Wrathful Angronn

Defeat Angronn


Die to Adam's grasping attack


Die to Adam's Immolation atack

Frustration Leads to Anger

Get repeatly knocked into the abyss by Adam

Critical Strike

Perform a critical strike on Adam

The Forsaken

Defeat Adam

Out like a light

Get hit by a lamp while fighting Levin Undok

Dance and Dice

Get hit by an axe 3 times while fighting Levin Undok

Dance of Flying Daggers

Destroy 3 floating daggers in a row while fighting Levin Undok


Push Levin Undok too far

Party Crasher

Prevent Levin Undok's Double Dance and defeat her

Envious Levin Undok

Defeat Levin Undok


Avoid a charge attack while fighting Yordo and his guards

Against The Round

Avoid being killed by Yordo's encircling attack

Break Ranks

Break the ranks of Yordo's guards


Die surrounded by Yordo's guards

Slothful Yordo

Defeat Yordo

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