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Personal Achievements

Apprentice of Elements

Acquire the three elemental feathers

Master of Elements

Acquire all elemental abilities

Restore Order

Return balance to the island


100% story mode


Gain an S rank in every stage in story mode

Short Story

Beat Story Mode in under 1 hour 15 minutes


Use every runestone

Guarded Glade

Stay healthy as you run through Greenwood Glade

Scorpion Skills

End the fight swiftly in Gemshine Mines

Shell Smasher

Discover a creative method of attack in Smuggleway Bay

Au Revoir Nagaka

That'll be one big combo in Woodberry Warren

Scrooge in the Swamp

Keep your coins to yourself in Sanctuary Swamp

Dragon Dodger

Don't get got!

Lava Leaper

Keep cool feet in Falcon's Furnace

Trigger Happy Tomb

Destroy them all! in Tomb of the Raven

Jungle Jig

Cause an accident in Hollow Hestia

Blazing Bugs

Try some target practise while running from flames in Fireside Forest

Minecart Marksman

Be a precision falconer in Ruthless Rails

Captain Combo

Keep the combos coming in High Tide Trouble

Treasure Chest Quest

Ten gold chests await in Molder Highlands

Risky Runner

Rush through the fog in Misty Marsh

Dexterous Dodger

Dodge all obstacles during your Downhill Thrill

Vanilla Killa

Who needs special attacks in Minecart Cauldron?

Stop Hitting Yourself

Give the sorcerer a taste of his own medicine.

Nabber Grabber

Tidy up after yourself in Labyrinthine Shrine


Complete rogue mode


Gain an S rank in every stage in rogue mode