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Personal Achievements

Day One

Survive your first day in the Void.

Day 30

Survive until the Rescue Timer reaches zero.

Role Expert

Unlock all roles.

Blane's Story

Complete Blane's story path.

Wendy's Story

Complete Wendy's story path.

Maggie's Story

Complete Maggie's story path.

Christophe's Story

Complete Christophe's story path.

Survival Expert

Achieve an S rank.

Survival Master

Achieve an A rank.

Survival Novice

Achieve a B rank.

Trapping Novice

Trap your first animal.

Trapping Expert

Trap every type of animal.

Lock Picking Novice

Successfully picked your first lock.

Lock Picking Master

Successfully picked 10 locks.

Lock Picking Expert

Successfully picked 20 locks.


Use C4 or a Handmade Charge to detonate a wall or container.

Ako-Light Novice

Reach level 1.

Ako-Light Master

Reach level 15.

Ako-Light Expert

Reach level 25.

BD-750 Upgrade Expert

Craft all Ako-Light upgrades.

Campsite Expert

Fully upgrade a campsite

Furnace Expert

Fully upgrade the church furnace.

Recipe Expert

Craft all food recipes

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