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ugc s21 iron 6s (ErA)-roamer
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ugc s22 steel HL (LSD)-spy
ugc s9 steel 4s (Big Game Hunter)-soldier
ugc s23 steel 6s (ErA)-demo :sticky:
ugc s23 steel Hl (Pack o Five Gum)-spy
ugc s10 silver 4s (Big Game Hunter)-demo :sticky:
ugc s24 silver 6s (Gaggle of Geese)-demo :sticky:
ugc s24 silver Hl (Pack o 5 gum)-spy
ugc s11 silver 4s (Big Game Hunter)-demo :sticky:
ugc s12 gold 4s (Big Game Hunter)-demo :sticky:
ugc s25 plat 6s (T U R B O T H O T S)-demo :sticky:

H3X Jun 29 @ 7:12pm 
~Lppo Jun 19 @ 12:03am 
sad ♥♥♥♥♥ hours
#Rogue. 🐧 Jun 16 @ 3:32am 
d34d g4m3r :( what about mae
Please be my mentor again
THE ONE TRUE MELON May 28 @ 4:57pm 
You’re wife left you? Damn... :(( I’ll make it up to you with miss piggy
bryce May 10 @ 3:41pm 
One day I was playing tf2 running these very pugs doing everything I could to make sure everything ran smoothly. I even sat out pug in order to let ppl play and everything was all good.... until I call the CALL. My brother called me to tell me that my turtle had ran away. My best friend. The only reason I woke up in the morning gone. And I wanted to find him but the pug ended and I had to start a new one. Because of these pugs I lost not only my best friend but my will to live. And all for what. To have my admin taken away. I have no reason to live anymore. I will be jumping of the sidewalk tonight. And there is nothing that can be done to stop it(except giving me admin). Tonight all the pain the suffering it all ends. Good bye everyone I love you all.