Jonas   Arhus, Arhus, Denmark
Danish guy. Low-level programmer. Sortix author.
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IndieSam Oct 19, 2010 @ 3:14pm 
Where you been? D:
atomic boom Jan 23, 2010 @ 9:46pm 
Maxsi Distribution rulez!!! :D
TZer0 Oct 16, 2009 @ 4:43pm 
@#Sortie - which I broke with mine.
sortie Oct 14, 2009 @ 5:16pm 
I updated my END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. Please agree or stop talking to me.
TZer0 Aug 12, 2009 @ 2:34pm 
"Oh and I keep ASCII encoded copies of all your conversations with me, they are part of the social experiment conducted by me on you."

Hey! When did that become a part of the EUCA (end-user chatting agreement)? Oh well :P
The Horse Strangler Jun 17, 2009 @ 3:32am