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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jun 8 @ 10:11am

Managing Finances

Keep track of your cash flow!
Unlocked Jun 9 @ 12:59pm

Cold Feet

Throw away a painting that is for sale.
Unlocked Jun 9 @ 1:07pm

A Diminutive Enterprise

Sell 10 Paintings
Unlocked Jun 8 @ 10:12am

A Less Controlled Approach

Use the Spray Can tool.
Unlocked Jun 8 @ 10:06am

A More Controlled Approach

Use the Steady Pen tool.
Unlocked Jun 10 @ 2:27am


Be creative!

The Many Lives of Passpartout

Witness all endings.

Begone, beggar!

Reject your biggest fan.


The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal.


Create a masterpiece.

Two Score Half of Art

Sell 50 paintings.
15 / 50

Feeling the Carpal Tunnel

Sell 100 paintings.
15 / 100


Make a lot of noise.
11 / 500

On a High Horse

Reject 20 bids.
0 / 20


Sell a painting for over 9000€

Enter Euphoria


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