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Randy   Idaho, United States
I'm hosting a Killing Floor 2 game server @ in Seattle, WA. Come and play!

"Speak only if it improves upon the silence.” ~ Gandhi

"All Rangers are expected to fight in battle, even medics, who must also tend to casualties." History Channel ~ A Battle for Haditha Dam

TF2 has undergone many changes since its inception: one of the greatest changes being the edition of Payload as a game mode. Payload revolutionized the way we play TF2 because it introduced us to a timed team objective of pushing the cart, eliminating much of the stalemate and repetition of previous game modes. Payload is an evolution of the game: known for its large, sweeping maps - many of which focus on spatial dimensions, forcing players to be aware of what is both above and below them.

My Killstreak Kritzkrieg was activated August 22, 2014. I have been playing TF2 almost daily since 2007.

I am the creator of the 3x+ offense: a TF2 Payload offensive strategy that has the Blue team pushing the cart at its fastest speed (3x) from the start of the round until the end thus giving the defending Red team the least amount of time to setup, defend, and react. This strategy is based on the military doctrine known as Shock and Awe []

My signatures:

"3x+" offense
"Ubersaw Uppercut" ~ Melee Finishing Move
"Eine kleine Nachtmusik" ~ Group Heals
"Double Aura Disco" ~ Two Auras - simutaneous team buff
"Bulldog Bodyguard" ~ Pocket Medic
"Direct Health Injection" ~ Long Distance Heals
"Tim Tebow" Quick-Fix ~ When you only have time for a quick fix.
"Play Option" Uber ~ Transitional Uber from one player to another
"Switchblade" Uber ~ Back to Back Ubers, 2nd Uber of a different type
"Double Trouble" Uber ~ Two simultaneous Ubers
"Make mine a Double" Uber ~ Back to back Ubers of the same type
"Halves, Thirds, and Quarters" ~ Defense: pefectly spaced Ubers using 2-4 Medics

What you should know about me:

I have never idled and I don't leave TF2 open while AFK. All of my TF2 hours are real hours spent playing a game I enjoy.

I play TF2 to win the game: not to collect hats, not to trade items. If you played TF2 before it went F2P you may remember what this was like.

I do not support idleing, pharming, cheating, hacking, glitching, griefing, trolling, or sandbagging.

I can play most TF2 classes proficiently but often choose to play as Medic because deploying Ubers is an essential part of both offense and defense.

I play this game for the same reason as you do: to have fun. Understand that our definations of fun may differ if you don't care about the outcome of the game. If you have a problem with me asking you to support your team and are offended by this, uninstall the game and go back to playing your Xbox.

Take 30 seconds out of your life to learn the difference between a teamstack and a teamfail.

This is a team sport; you need to contribute.

If you're causing our team to fail by playing as a useless Blue team sniper in a Payload chokepoint it's time for you to go back to playing single player games.
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