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I can recommend this as a fun toy with potential, but not as a serious tool for music production outside of the chiptune genre. I wouldn't recommend buying it unless it's on sale. Opinions might vary, but to me it feels like a $5-$10 app at best. In fact, it reminds me of a homebrew XMMS tracker I used to play with on Nintendo DS using an R4 card many-many years ago.

Rytmik Ultimate is an accumulation of tools that were designed for sequencing chiptunes on the Nintendo DSi and iPhone and now on Steam. Ported over using the Unity engine, the sequencer has many fundamental limitations and a multitude of un-intuitive buttons and abbreviations migrated over from its previous mobile interfaces. This is worsened by the indication of tooltips which only appear after you actually click a button to take action as opposed to before. Luckily, most of the buttons involved with deleting and removal will ask for confirmation before you accidentally do something regrettable. Additionally, it remains forced at 1024x768 resolution with the only option to scale upwards when fullscreening with traditional alt+enter hotkey, as many Unity games feature. There is an option to adjust the sound buffer from low to large (I think "low" should instead be read "small") which is a nice consideration for lower end systems.

Locally stored songs are kept in .rue and .ruf files intended to never be migrated from one machine to another, I suspect, based on the accessibility and file naming scheme. You do however have the option to export to WAV output as either a complete song or a selected loop.

Instead of sharing songs via files, Rytmik imposes a cloud storage and public sharing feature built into the application. It's rather rudimentary with no ability to communicate with others beyond a five-star rating system for each song. Songs stored on the "Cloud" can either be stored: Privately, Locked, Semi-Locked and Unlocked. This enables some control about how much of your song is actually shared with others, if at all, and enables some form of anonymous collaboration between strangers.

Moving on to actual sound synthesis. Provided are many samples that can be modified using an array of common production tools including: envelope adjustment, portamento, vibrato, delay arpeggio and even adding some "noise" for added chiptune feel. Unfortunately, you are limited to the samples provided as providing your own would interfere with the imposed, "Cloud" sharing system. However, all the samples can be tuned with great variety to generate a sound unique to your project. You can also adjust the filters for an entire instrument and then even re-adjust again within the actual clip-sequencer for a more organically tuned sound (limited to 4 filter automations per clip).

Instruments are stored within individual clip-sequences which are each limited to 4 bars at 1/16 note scale. It is very easy to copy and paste your tuned instruments from one clip to another, however it does become very tedious and can be difficult to manage as your project becomes larger. Clips can only store 4 instruments at a time with 1 note per column on the roll. The song sequencer can only place 4 clips to play simultaneously, limiting the total maximum output to 16 instruments and 16 notes per column. You might be hard-pressed to reach that limit, however this does place a lot of restraint on your options and increases the tedious value of the interface. The lack of simulatenous notes on a single instrument roll also means complex melodies are very difficult to make and manage. It's not possible to make harmonies using a single instrument. However, this is a groovebox and not a DAW or similar workstation, so that should be expected. The reason this is a problem is the entire interface is largely designed to be self-sufficient when it is in fact not. Especially when considering the whole "Cloud" sharing thing. This is largely why I think of it as a fun toy and in-adequate for any serious musical production.

Naturally, without a piano roll and limited to single notes, the sequencer offers no MIDI support whatsoever.

I've laid out all the cons I've yet noticed here. You will notice I am still recommending the application though. That is to say that despite all of these shortcomings, I still enjoyed what remained in all of its gimmicky entertainment. I think it's a healthy creative tool for either passing the time or potentially working into your workflow, if you really wanted to make use of the WAV export feature. As a groovebox sequencer, the drumkit samples are very nice and exported patterns/loops could be used for DAW projects. If you are enthusiastic about chiptune music, I would especially recommend this application as it is very focused towards that genre and could be self-sufficient in that regard.

If you are undecided about the creative limitation and how it balances with the convenient capabilities, I would suggest viewing some projects on youtube. Cinemax uploads many popular songs to be played on youtube directly, but there are also many other songs uploaded outside of the Cinemax channel.

If you've patiently read through all of my review, I hope it helped you decide whether to buy Rytmik Ultimate or not. Regardless, here is a treat for your ears that helped win me over when I was still making the decision myself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm3a4A2tKBI

And here is a cover song I made that got featured on the Cinemax youtube channel during my first week or two of using Rytmik

Also, be sure to check out LMMS (https://lmms.io/) if you need a more elaborate digital audio workstation that is FOSS.

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sallybollywood1991 May 10 @ 2:07pm 
Great review I think i will wait for a sale or at least till next month. Oh i changed my settings...I think.
◢ k r i s ◤ May 10 @ 11:47am 
But I digress. SGB is aight. :cool_:
◢ k r i s ◤ May 10 @ 11:47am 
I try different engines to stay familliar with the market and find solutions to make certain projects easier - but I still lean towards Unity and Unreal as the better solutions for most. On Steam, my favorite engines would be Godot and AppGameKit because they offer the most reasonable flexibility at the cost of programming labor. The other game-engines do make good approaches by using simplified "eventing" solutions, but nothing beats the ability to just tell your game exactly how you want it to behave.

Ofc, that is subjective and personal preferences will likely be your final determinant. All I can say to that is don't be a lazy-developer who is terrified to learn general code logic/syntax and don't avoid game-engines simply for relying on code. It will have no direct bearing on whether you can create a "good" game or not, but when you can create things as you imagine them you are more likely to see them through to completion and polish them for success.
◢ k r i s ◤ May 10 @ 11:42am 
Your profile is private so I'll have to respond here. Although Steam comments are not adequate for sharing reviews either, so you can read my review for SGB here. https://steamcommunity.com/id/sonicbomb77/recommended/483950
sallybollywood1991 May 10 @ 8:53am 
kris was smile game builder good?
XIIIthHarbinger May 5 @ 9:11pm 
hella cred indeed:steammocking: