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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Nov 24 @ 12:13am

It's Bouncy!

Jump on the bed 10 times
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 9:09pm

Fast Food

Win a round with over 2 minutes remaining on the match clock
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 11:31pm


Deflect 10 projectiles with a heavy attack
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 11:08pm

Well Practiced

Win the practice match against Thrash


Complete all of Thorn's Hunts
5 / 13


Complete all of Belchior's Puzzles
15 / 30


Complete all of Pontida's Jobs
0 / 11


Join the Brigade as Mina

Decked Out

Buy 15 items
8 / 15

Butter My Biscuits!

Beat the game without losing a match

Friendly Competition

Achieve 10 Daily Cook-Off victories

Executive Chef

Reach Brigade Rank 12 in Daily Cook-Off

Fully Stocked

Stock your pantry with 30 ingredients in one match

You Rogue!

Win a duel without using the theme ingredient

Michelin Starred

Make a dish worth 450 points or more
250 / 450


Reach a combo multiplier of 10
5 / 10

Brigade Veteran

Achieve a total round score of 1000 points or more
350 / 1,000

Loyal Assistant

Obtain a sample of Ambrosia

Light on Her Feet

Kill 3 enemies without touching the ground

Monster Mash

Use Thrash's Heavy Attack to smash a monster into 3 others

Who's Hungry?

Consume 10 ingredients in one match


Obtain extra points from a Judge for using any Expertise Tome 5 times
1 / 5

Until Next Time

Complete Story Mode

Heroine of Victusia

Complete Story Mode on Hard

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