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May 31 @ 5:48am
In topic Game breaking bug at baron´s fortress
Same thing happening for me now. It's incredibly frustrating.
May 31 @ 5:39am
In topic Metro Exodus Tech Support
My game crashed while meeting the baron in Caspian. Now it crashes whenever I click continue.

It's basically the same bug as this guy's one on PS4:
Apr 26 @ 10:10pm
In topic Switch Version
Thanks frellyouall. I bought it on Steam last night in any case. When the developer didn't reply here I thought it likely that we won't get a Switch version.
Apr 7 @ 1:17am
In topic DLSS not working?
I may be imagining it but it appears to be looking better now than last time I checked it. On ultrawide (3440x1440). Only checked on the train so far.

But my crafting screen isn't working correctly with DLSS on. The hitboxes are all wrong.
Apr 7 @ 1:13am
In topic Metro Exodus Tech Support
I thought I would try DLSS again and it's looking better than it did initially. However on my ultrawide screen (3440x1440) the hitboxes when crafting is aligned wrong. I don't know if there's other alignment issues.

So you would click on the gun crafting icon but nothing would happen. Until you click next to it and then it would activate.
Mar 26 @ 10:18pm
In topic Surprise!
Originally posted by stubster:
Bumping this. I'm still interested in crossgrading to full Modo - is there a plan in place for Indie customers to get any sort of discount..?

I would also like to know. I'm keen on maybe getting MODO 13.
Mar 20 @ 11:34pm
In topic Switch Version
I love your games and I've been wondering, will we see a Switch release of either Lorelai or your current games?
It's quite simple really. The price for South Africa was really cheap when it first showed up on the store so I bought it then. It's way more expensive now on the Epic store. It was a bargain,
Feb 14 @ 10:26pm
In topic Post your Metro Exodus benchmark HERE!
2019/02/15 8:22:21 AM

Options: Resolution: 3440 x 1440; DirectX: DirectX 12; Quality: Ultra; Texture filtering: AF 16X; Motion Blur: Normal; Tesselation: Full; Advanced PhysX: On; Ray Trace: High; DLSS: On; Hairworks: On; Shading Rate: 100;
Run 0

Total Frames: 5463, Total Time: 104.5787 sec
Average Framerate: 52.72
Max. Framerate: 100.53 (Frame: 1004)
Min. Framerate: 6.11 (Frame: 4426)


Will test more later. Have to go watch rugby.
Feb 14 @ 9:02am
In topic Pre-load will be available
Nevermind, it's there now! Excellent.
Feb 14 @ 9:01am
In topic Pre-load will be available
Originally posted by ZeKeneral:
I can pre-load now atleast

Hmmm I don't have the option yet.
Feb 13 @ 8:55pm
In topic Preload PLEASE!
Originally posted by CupCupBaconBox:
I have a super fast fiber optic 200/200 connection, so I can download the game in like 45 minutes. Lol @ people with poop internet.

Hell, I live in South Africa. Half the time we don't even have power.
Feb 13 @ 8:50pm
In topic Preload PLEASE!
Hmmm I'm disappointed to see there's no preload yet. The game releases tomorrow.
Feb 10 @ 9:10pm
In topic what about preload?
Well that's incredibly disappointing.
Sep 21, 2018 @ 10:12pm
In topic Thank you Telltale Games
It's such a big loss. I love their games. I play most of them on the XBox One.

I haven't bought this last season yet because I was waiting for all the episodes to be released. It's such sad news.
Aug 9, 2018 @ 10:44am
In topic South Africans getting screwed over...
Bloody hell. I can't believe how expensive the game is for South Africans. It's much cheaper to buy it from somewhere else like Humble Bundle. Whoever came up with the price for us should be sent to a mental institution.
Apr 23, 2018 @ 10:07pm
In topic So....i hate the game.
Originally posted by hellgod:
ok...update. i finished the game. and i still dont like it the gameplay was nice but story was nowhere near as compelling. nowhere near as good as tyranny in my book. but at the same time im still going to buy POE2 and im going to hope its a bit more like tyranny.

But according to your achievements you only finished act 1 and time wise you couldn't have done all that much.

I found the game boring at around the same time. At the end of act 1 I wondered if it was worthwhile playing on. I did however and the game is getting better the further I get into the story. I love all the lore and the stories.

So yes, for those who aren't enjoying the game initially. Give it some time. It gets better.
Mar 23, 2018 @ 9:53pm
In topic Discounts on Elite Dangerous
I couldn't wait anymore and bought the game on the Oculus store since I had that $15 credit there. I hope it goes on sale for you soon.
Mar 23, 2018 @ 9:51pm
In topic Where is the VR support?
Man, it's disappointing that there's no VR support yet.
Mar 22, 2018 @ 11:44am
In topic Discounts on Elite Dangerous
I'm also waiting for it to go on special.

See, I bought Elite Dangerous Commander Edition on the XBox a year or two ago. However I only got to playing it about a month ago.

So I'm playing it and it's beautiful and gripping and I love it and I realised I most definitely need to get this for my Oculus Rift. It looks like the perfect VR game. So I stopped playing on the XBox One and started waiting for the game to go on special.

I can't remember the last time I wanted a game this badly and yet I cannot get myself to pay the full price for a game I already own. So I really hope it goes on sale soon.
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