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Youtube :FlashFreeze: Trade offer :FlashFreeze:
Can add me if you want im not bite you :nekoheart:
Have you imagine or thinking something that you like and feel good? :nekoheart:
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Blue <3
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About me and other
About me

:butterfly:You can call me Blu, Bear, Blu Bear, Soldier or BB, but I like to be called bear :nekoheart:

:butterfly:Sorry for not replying at times - sometimes I didn't notice your message or it's because I don't feel like talking :FlashFreeze::nekoheart::FlashFreeze:

:butterfly:I love yuri anime but also like harem, school, action, fantasy, romance and comedy :FlashFreeze:

:butterfly:I accept everyone who adds me, why not? (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

:butterfly:I hate no one; I love all people :FlashFreeze::FlashFreeze:

:butterfly: I'm actually quite a shy person :nekoheart::nekoheart:

:butterfly: I'm sensitive towards other's feelings, but I really don't want anyone to feel bad

:butterfly:I love Neko ears they look kawaii :nekoheart::nekoheart:

:butterfly:My birthday's on Sep 30 :nekoheart:

:butterfly:I like blue, like the sky far away >.<

:butterfly:I like everything kawaii and animals :FlashFreeze:

:butterfly:Also I usually listen to music while playing >3<:nekoheart:

:butterfly: My bro :nekoheart::nekoheart:

Past TF2 Competitions

:butterfly:AFC14 - Cute Little Sister as Soldier
:butterfly:AFC15 Division 3 1st Place - Hesitation as Soldier/Scout

:butterfly:UGC HL S25 Platinum participant - as Soldier
:butterfly:UGC HL S26 3rd Place - Jesa's fan club as Soldier

:butterfly:UGC 6v6 S28 Platinum participant - JJPAPA as Soldier

:butterfly:UGC 4v4 S25 2nd Place - Thanos car as Soldier/Scout
oof pmb fast smfc :3
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