Kevin   Auburn, New York, United States
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123 15 OCT 2019 a las 6:20 p. m. 
Do you have my old steam account added? - Quinton or Loyepop!
Kopcio 29 SEP 2019 a las 4:58 a. m. 
Added becouse i have a question about NF
M0on8th∆yN S> Nomad CW FN 0.065 5 SEP 2019 a las 2:32 p. m. 
add me for a business
rōnin 1 JUL 2019 a las 9:19 p. m. 
Sourcebans support
Psychuu 21 ENE 2019 a las 6:55 a. m. 
added with a deal
Jimmy Russell (Festive!) 7 ENE 2019 a las 4:32 a. m. 
Hi, I understand you are an admin of the GFL servers? I'd like to report a player, and if you can ccept my FRQ and I can tell you the rest, that'd be great. This guy's REALLY awful...