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If you have a special reason to send me a friend request explain it to me in the comments section below.
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society man 2019년 9월 27일 오후 10시 13분 
Story of a sentry is a great SFM, you are very talented, when you come back from being offline, can you sign my profile? i would be happy if you did!
WyckedBanana 2018년 11월 25일 오전 2시 23분 
I sent a request between 1-2 years ago, we met in game and hit it off pretty well and I just want more people to play tf2 with yknow?
affgen 2018년 8월 24일 오후 1시 09분 
Hi, you make nicest sfm movie ever. Thank you 😀 i am crying 😭😭😭 story of :sentry: :heartris:
oscar goldman 2018년 7월 18일 오후 10시 03분 
man I added you cause I want to know if by any chance you would sell your account, really would love to play tf2 with the saxxy
Themasked 2018년 6월 15일 오후 1시 33분 
rip. 52 days ago online
Huuvi 2018년 6월 7일 오후 2시 31분 
rip. 44 days ago online