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HelenAngel 's only-average husband.

If you have any questions then please create a support ticket directly on Outpost. An admin will respond to your ticket as fast as possible, but it may take 48 hours or more depending on our current backlog.

Creator of TF2 Outpost [], Dota Outpost [], CS:GO Outpost [] and all the other Outposts.

I'm currently not accepting any friend requests.
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I spend far too much time on Steam.
Well, hello there.
I do not accept friend requests. If you want to ask something, post a thread on the forums and it'll be brought to my attention.

Juicy quotes from... juicy? people.

20:34 - Sneeza™: I was reading about the other steps
20:34 - Sneeza™: Like config and stuff

17:35 - HelenAngel: Across digital fields, across the dusty domains
17:36 - HelenAngel: 'twas a lad named Sneeza among the fair thains.
17:36 - HelenAngel: His Outpost thus grew, not by might of the sword
17:37 - HelenAngel: but by desires of traders, some shrewd & some bored.
17:38 - HelenAngel: With his mighty banhammer he crushed wicked men
17:38 - HelenAngel: banished them thus, all of them and their ken
17:39 - HelenAngel: To this a song of such greatness is wrote
17:39 - HelenAngel: Though I have yet to pen but a note
17:40 - HelenAngel: The songs that we hear are the praise of the land!
17:40 - HelenAngel: "It's an Outpost thang, you wouldn't understand"
17:40 - HelenAngel: -bows-

16:50 - Sneeza™: hahahahhahhahahhah your s ofuny
16:50 - Zemnmez: that space and switched letter is fucking priceless
16:50 - Zemnmez: well played 7/10 I alugehed

18:10 - Zemnmez: which I'm pretty jelly of becuase I've wanted an MRI scan for ages
Mark 10 de out às 10:17 
I can give my Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth ft for all of your csgo graffities and cases (Im collecting them) so if it's ok for you send me trade offer please. Link in my bio
L1ghting 4 de out às 4:47 
SalzStange 29 de set às 7:42 
hi, we are interested to take care of your steamgroup after you closed the website. I am founder of steams largest non commercial steamgroup network. Including a big giveaway group, curator groups, biggest us and biggest german group. It would be nice to use your group for giveaway announcements (all our giveaways are of course free to enter. ) No entry requirements or something like this. No raffles.
Garbage Day 25 de set às 8:34 
hahahahaha ban happy spastics are deleting their website
 Psyland 21 de set às 12:50 
I am the Boyfriend of your dougther btw.
Dr. Missing | 20 de set às 12:12 
Very sorry to hear about TF2 outpost, etc.
Hope for the best and that this will not affect your personal life!