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I also host & develop private servers for hire, comment & add for inquiries.


:B1: Discord [snksrv.com]
:B1: Twitch Stream [twitch.tv]
:B1: Website [snksrv.com]
:B1: Twitter
:B1: Trade Link

Please leave a comment as to why you are adding me or I may not accept your friend request! Do not add me regarding server ban appeals.

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kayıtlarda 5.9 saat
son oynanma: 29 Mar
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son oynanma: 21 Mar
FL1PPY 15 Nis @ 11:57 
hi I'm sorry if I disturbed you but please give me some things from cs go if you don't mind
Hello bruh, I`m very interested in your P250 with NIP holo Katowice 2014 sticker. Add me to discuss please!!
messy 15 Mar @ 21:36 
Trāgīc LogicRex 7 Mar @ 1:02 
Love the servers i pay for vip like every month thanks for the retakes!
WildCha3er 6 Mar @ 14:02 
add for ssg with dupreeh
Sky-JS耶稣 18 Şub @ 10:14 
Added for trade, please