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BOO! (read my info before adding)   United States
:TheGhost: werewolf on the web. :wolf_paw:🏳‍🌈:lunar2020halodragon: :spycon: :dragongem::aa_edgeworth::wolf2: :balloonicorn::murd_crow: :lunar2020playfuldog: :crispin:
:hypnospacehelp: do NOT random add me to trade, i'm not interested. :hypnospacehelp:

• i'm a programmer and a hobbyist artist.
• yes i'm a gaymer (they/he), and yes i love my boyfriend. :8bitheart:
• i mostly play tf2 and hades. sometimes borderlands or garden paws. rarely warframe.
• i don't accept random friend or trade requests. i will ignore your request and block if you try again.
• HOWEVER if we are discord friends and/or in a discord server together, send me a DM if you add me & i'll accept!
warframe username: snarl

:hypnospacesmile: Friends can...
• add me on gog. []
• ask for my nintendo FCs, my discord, my social media, etc.
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