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ronald reagan   United Kingdom (Great Britain)

(do not offer on any items in showcase, as they are gifts. you will be blocked, no exceptions)
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Bill Cosby Appreciation Group - Δημόσια ομάδα
Bill Cosby overview
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sbkcoder 15 Αυγ στις 9:58 
This dude is cool
ash yam 2 Αυγ στις 15:46 
added once again to ask about the norman
Burza (Dante) 1 Αυγ στις 12:21 
added for the norman
Api 31 Ιουλ στις 10:12 
Why’re you selling it then? Not so gigs gamer
Api 31 Ιουλ στις 7:33 
what did you pay for the stormin norman?
Peculiar Owl 30 Ιουλ στις 16:21 
Apologies, will likely send a trade offer soon