Jess   Kentucky, United States
Suh dudes
Live moist or dry hard, fam :lilimjoy::lilimok:
I like change my avatar a lot btw

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:nekoheart: guns, anime, cosplay, music, feet, burgs, pizza, sushi, sweets, kittens, tentacles
:TryAgain: trolls, spammers, sjws, neckbeards, soyboys

I just like to chill and play TF2 and Pokemon and stuff. Don't be a baka, k?
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helo this just in: i'm now commenting a heart three times in a row
take that l-losers :nekoheart:
Majii May 5 @ 10:56pm 
damb right :nekoheart:
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cute choco :nekoheart:
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TIPS :2017meatball:
Majii Apr 24 @ 7:22pm 
n-no u :nekoheart: