Raglan, New Zealand
My name is Smellsbad. And yes, I run a YouTube gaming channel called Smellsbad Gaming and also live stream on Twitch [].

I play a range of games, including but not limited to Fallout 4, Bioshock, Path of Exile, Skyrim, World of Warships and World of Tanks.

I mostly do "raw" warts and all let's plays but also mix it up with mod reviews and tips and tricks videos plus my secret addiction, Fallout 4 settlement building.

You'll find all videos are nicely organised into relevant Playlists.

Go on, go binge watch your favourite game. You know you want to. And don't forget to hit like, share, and click that subscribe button.

I love comments and feedback, and will always respond.

- Smellsbad Gaming

p.s. I do "almost" daily videos and you can find the schedule here: Weekly Schedule

p.p.s. I do stream at least three times a week: Twitch []

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