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Frontline! [] is a community-created war effort that aims to rally the troops of the TF2 contributing community and show everyone what they’re capable of. Whatever art of war you partake in, we want you to join.

I am currently working on , a website to simplify the mod creation and distribution process within Team Fortress 2.
Authors can upload the same files that they upload to the TF2 Workshop, requiring no effort on their behalf to repackage their items. Users interested in a mod can easily search for and choose from any item within Team Fortress 2 and the website will repackage and serve the mod of their choice to replace that item.
The code is completely open source and licensed under the GNU General Public License. You can take a look at

I have worked on Enhanced Steam, a Chrome Extension that adds additional functionality to Steam's website. You can see the source over on GitHub [], along with information about the contributors [].

I was also the web developer on the Entirely Community Made Robotic Boogaloo Update.

Community Projects
Frontline! [] - Web Developer - Web Developer
Robotic Boogaloo - Web Developer
• Emporium Halloween - Web Developer (Unfortunately not archived on Wayback Machine)
Night of the Living Update 2 [] - Web Developer (Archived on Wayback Machine)
Night of the Living Update [] - Web Developer (Archived on Wayback Machine)
The Medieval Update [] - Web Developer (Archived on Wayback Machine)

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Team fortess noober Oct 24 @ 5:06pm 
How did i can contribute mora than translate archives in tf2 wiky?
CLOAKER Sep 25 @ 2:53pm 
hey can you add The Barbearian and Pardner's Paws to plz thank you
Phobias Sep 23 @ 6:52am
Oh okay just seemed kind of creepy to be messaged about a site I was visiting. None the less I thank you for fixing the issue for me and letting me know about it.
Alaric the Eternal Aug 2 @ 1:54am 
hey! I've got a new medic cosmetic set I'd like to submit to if possible! isn't working for me. is the site down?
Pepé Le Pew Dec 5, 2020 @ 8:12pm 
Hello i have a question about