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If you're going to add me, please leave a comment stating why.
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Adding Me
If you're planning to add me, it's highly unlikely that I will accept the request without a comment on my profile stating why you're adding me. If you're adding to ask about an item in my backpack, I am always happy to discuss and answer questions regarding any item, but if I don't explicitly have it listed for sale somewhere, I'm probably not going to sell it to you.

Trading Me
If you're here to ask for Strange Uniques, anything that isn't on page 50 of my backpack will never be for sale. Anything on page 50 that is for sale will be tagged with a note on backpack.tf.

Things I Am Not Interested In
While pure is always my top preference, I am usually open to hearing offers for items. However, there are some things that aren't worth offering to me:
- Unusuals. I already own what I want.
- Taunts
- Glitched items I already own
- Items "signed" by someone

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Created by - HACK THE GIBSON
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This guide is meant to help explain what glitched Strange Unique items in TF2 are, where they came from, what makes certain ones "dirty," and to share information on the relative rarity of different ones and roughly how many can be expected to be found in
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>:FrozenDragon:< 7 hours ago 
Hey I'm interested in the batsaber.
B0725 16 hours ago 
Sorry Gibson, but don't see myself selling the Bushwacka anytime soon
stateoftheart Jan 21 @ 3:54am 
I'm just add you again, sorry. Just curious to see how much you'd want to pay for it. Looking at your other listing for 80 keys. I can do like 50 keys considering it's not clean. Not sure if you'd accept but its worth a try, just trying to get rid of it ASAP. Since I added you quite recently it seems I can't so if its not too much trouble if you're able to add me instead.
rewrite Jan 20 @ 6:16am 
+rep Kind to help
rewrite Jan 20 @ 4:54am 
Added to ask for help with finding a strange unique scattergun
HACK THE GIBSON Jan 18 @ 5:06am 
I'm not really looking to buy it back unless you're desperate to get rid of it.