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Randy B. (aka Showstopper, Basscanon)   Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Habit made me do it.
Proud DFS Moderator
My specs if you care enough [puu.sh]
Have a huge playlist of music I made myself
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I used to make sound mods but got bored and wanted to focus on other things
My GB: Link [gamebanana.com]

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My 3DS Friend Code: Ask for it if ya can
Nintendo ID: Seeldier6898
PSN: TheBasscanon
Discord: Weather Report#8042
Chatango: thebasscanon
Switch FC: SW-5302-0642-5726
Battle Net: Nero#14212

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[DFS] Weather Report Nov 3 @ 5:02pm 
But my geemawd doesn’t meed css
Strello Nov 3 @ 5:00pm 
peeta install counter strike source
sasch Sep 10 @ 8:44am 
hi your smell attracted me so i thought we could be smell buddies
[DFS] Strade Aug 30 @ 11:50am 
hi i'm random i'm gonna add u
Cayenne Requiem Jul 29 @ 12:02am 
Friends, neighbors, ladies, gentlemen: If you're feeling underpowered: I'll help you make amends
Fh Jun 25 @ 10:25pm 
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