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Reach Level 5 with any Character


Reach Level 10 with any Character


Reach Level 20 with any Character


Achieve 5th Cadet Ranking in PVP


Achieve 10th Ace Ranking in PVP

In Hot Water

Defeat the Lobster King Boss in the Lower Plant

What's That Smell?

Complete the "Scout the Lower Plant" quest

You're Kidding, Right?

Complete the "Ryan's Request" Quest

It's Pronounced "Yo-heim"

Complete the "Return to Nadia" Quest

Put Your Dukes Up

Complete the "Study Gloves" Quest

Style Over Substance

Complete Estel's Quests

The Right to Bare Arm

Complete Gorgon's Quests

An Eye for an Eye

Complete Joheim's Quests

Animal Cruelty

Defeat Fluffy in the Labyrinth

Booze Hound

Complete the "Wanted: Boozatron B" Random Quest

I Have Many Leather Bound Books

Complete the "Wanted: Dewey Decimator B" Random Quest

Gina's Box

Complete the "Not My Box" Quest for Gina

Nadia's Box

Complete the "Not My Box" Quest for Nadia

Gorgon's Box

Complete the "Not My Box" Quest for Gorgon

A Whole New World

Unlock the Cathedal area

All I Want for Christmas is Sewers

Complete the quest "A Simple Task" from Technical Officer Ryan.

First Order of Business

Complete Vincent's first quest

You Can't Spell Canals Without…

Complete the "Scout Canals B2" Quest from Elma

The Second Amendment

Join the Militia

Skeletons? I hate skeletons.

Slay 100 Skeleton Soldiers in Georg's quest

Dark Passenger

Reach level 30 with any character

Blood Brother

Reach level 35 with any character