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Personal Achievements

Immortal Killer I

Kill 100 Immortals
0 / 100

Immortal Killer II

Kill 1,000 Immortals
0 / 1,000

Immortal Killer III

Kill 100,000 Immortals
0 / 100,000

Creep Killer I

Kill 5,000 creeps
0 / 5,000

Creep Killer II

Kill 1 milliion creeps
0 / 1,000,000

Monster Hunter I

Kill 1,000 neutral monsters
0 / 1,000

Monster Hunter II

Kill 500,000 neutral monsters
0 / 500,000

Ward Bane I

Destroy 100 enemy vision totems
0 / 100

Ward Bane II

Destroy 1,000 enemy vision totems
0 / 1,000

Gold Digger I

Earn 100,000 gold.
0 / 100,000

Gold Digger II

Earn 1 million gold
0 / 1,000,000

Supporter I

Get 500 assists
0 / 500

Supporter II

Get 2,500 assists
0 / 2,500

Supporter III

Get 250,000 assists
0 / 250,000

One Down...

Kill an immortal

Carrying the team

Kill 20 immortals in a 5v5 match

Jeepers Creepers

Kill 10 creeps in a 5v5 match

They had families!

Kill 100 creeps in a 5v5 match.

Open Season

Kill 10 neutral monsters

Culling the Herd

Kill 100 neutral monsters

Obsidian Champion

Kill the Obsidian Titan

Crystalline Champion

Kill the Crystalline Champion

Double Kill

Kill 2 immortals within 15 seconds

Penta Kill

Kill 5 immortals within 60 seconds

First Blood

Be the first to kill an enemy immortal

Last Ditch Effort

Kill an enemy with only 10% of your own health left

Kill is Secured

Kill an immortal with a signature ability

Double Down

Kill two immortals with a signature ability

Signature Annihilation

Kill all five enemy immortals with a signature ability

Sight Blinder

Destroy 10 enemy vision totems during a 5v5 match

I'm Helping

Get 1 assist during a 5v5 match.

I got your back

Get 15 assists during a 5v5 match

The "me" in team

Get 50 assists during a 5v5 match

Bread Winner

Earn 10,000 gold in a 5v5 match

Buff up!

Equip the Obsidian Titan and Crystalline Construct buffs simultaneously

Obsidian Destruction

Win a match with the Obsidian Titan buff

Crystalline Might

Win a match with the Crystalline Construct buff

Won the Battle

Wina a 5v5 match

Unchallenged Victory

Win a 5v5 match while all enemy players are dead.

Rushed Victory

Win a 5v5 match before an enemy acropolis respawns.

Cutting it close

Win a 5v5 match while your shrine is below 50% health.

...won the war!

Win 10 5v5 matches.
0 / 10

Victory I

Win 100 5v5 matches.
0 / 100

Victory II

Win 1,000 5v5 matches.
0 / 1,000

White Knight to the rescue!

Win a match as a White Knight

Good Reputation

Receive the good reputation badge