kekt   California, United States
The artist formerly known as comet

MIATA DRIVER: red civic
MIATA DRIVER: cop red tnf
MIATA DRIVER: get killed fukboi style

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mexican joker 25 Δεκ 2016 στις 20:39 
【:*・゚☆†Merry Ⅹ’mas†.。.:*・゚】
cootietama 11 Οκτ 2016 στις 16:39 
tfw attending your dream school will put you in crippling debt.
mexican joker 10 Οκτ 2016 στις 18:09 
i am at my dream school and i regret it
cootietama 10 Οκτ 2016 στις 18:08 
I blame breakups and trying to get into my dream school as factors of my death.
mexican joker 16 Σεπ 2016 στις 13:50 
comet died no surprise
Mel 29 Ιουλ 2016 στις 20:20 
I may be late but I'm here to say...."SO??" :steamhappy: