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5 hours ago
In topic Steam Link version 1.1.25
A new version of the Steam Link app has been released:
  • Fixed black screen when starting streaming on some Android TVs
  • Optimized local rendering of touch controls and performance graph
  • Added 50 Mbit bandwidth option for fast devices with wired connections
Originally posted by NP'S JacobMIX (DK):
I've switched to beta, and seem to have no more issues.

Great, thanks!
15 hours ago
In topic Steam Link beta build 673
Originally posted by slouken:
Originally posted by Astronautduel:
I seem to be getting a lot of audio crackling/popping on this build. I reverted back to 661 and it seems a lot better.

Can you try the newest build (667), it should be better now.

I found the underlying cause, this should be fixed now. Can you check in build 673?

This may be fixed in beta build 672, can you verify that?
Also, can you post a link to the Steam logs\streaming_log.txt from your computer? It will have information about what device you're using and what encoder is being used.

It looks like this might be a bug in the HEVC decoder on your device. What device are you using? Can you try disabling HEVC in the advanced streaming settings of the Steam Link app?
Nov 5 @ 10:37am
In topic Steam Link Android Troubleshooting
Originally posted by bonnaurg:
Hello, I'm having this issue :
"Black screen at stream start often followed by a stream shutdown
* Please post a link to the file Steam\logs\streaming_log.txt, from your computer, in this thread so we can see what's happening."

Pastebin link[]

I'm trying to stream on an android smart TV with the Steam link app. I tried different options following the suggestions from different posts so I'm not sure if the options are the best ones right now. I can run some tests if needed.

Some games seem to have the issue more than some others. For example, Phantom Brave ran mostly fine, but Danganronpa 3 is laggy and shows the black screen quite fast.

Thanks for your help,

Unfortunately this log doesn't have any information about what happened. Can you use adb logcat to get a dump of the Android system log after this happens? You may need to enable developer mode and use adb to connect over the network to your TV to be able to get the log.

Can you post the logs from the device (using adb logcat) after streaming?

Nov 5 @ 8:36am
In topic Steam Link connection not working.
Are you seeing crash files in the Steam dumps folder?

Can you post the contents of the Steam logs\streaming_log.txt file?

Nov 1 @ 1:00pm
In topic Mac OSX 10.14 : Computer not found
Mac OS X 10.14 is not currently supported for Steam In-Home Streaming.
Oct 30 @ 1:22pm
In topic Bottom of the screen is cut
Originally posted by MonoAudioStereo:
Sure thing. Here it is:

Can you catch the earlier part where it set up the video rectangle? It might be in streaming_log.previous.txt
Oct 29 @ 8:37pm
In topic Bottom of the screen is cut
Can you send the Steam\logs\streaming_log.txt after streaming your desktop? This will have the capture and display resolution, as well as any client log output.

This will be in the next build, thanks for the suggestion!
Oct 26 @ 9:11pm
In topic Steam Link version 1.1.24
A new version of the Steam Link app has been released:
  • Allow sharing of wired Steam Controllers using VirtualHere
  • Added instrumentation to help track down a rare crash at startup
Oct 23 @ 12:32pm
In topic Steam Link Android Troubleshooting
Originally posted by Draken/Eitan:
Any comment on the 50fps limit while using this app? Any solution to make it 60fps?

It sounds like your TV is European and running at 50 Hz refresh rate. Capturing at 60 FPS won't cause more frames to be displayed on your TV and would cause frame skips as the capture rate and display rate wouldn't match up. Is that the case here?
Oct 17 @ 10:51am
In topic Steam Link version 1.1.23
Originally posted by Draken/Eitan:
Originally posted by GE:

You have to download the VirtualHere android app from the app store and buy the VirtualHere client from steam for your pc to use it. After this, you must select the device you want to share in the steam link app.
So maybe they should provide a link to the Android App on the Play Store page.

Anyway, my issues is that even though my keyboard is is set to share, it isn't acting as if its connected directly to my pc, and as such, Windows Key is bringing up Google Assistant and not Windows Start like it should.

Although, the keyboard is listed in the connected devices, it's just not acting Virtual Here shared.

I hope that isn't how it's intended either. If it's in error then there probably is a solution.

You can bring up the VirtualHere UI in the task bar on your remote computer and check to make sure it's connected and sees the devices. If it's not running, make sure you own the Steam version of VirtualHere for Steam Link.
Oct 16 @ 6:55pm
In topic Steam Link version 1.1.23
A new version of the Steam Link app has been released:
  • Added support for VirtualHere on Android (requires VirtualHere version 3.3.9 or newer)
  • Fixed rumble intensity on Android 8.0
  • Fixed rumble when streaming consecutive sessions
  • Added an adaptive icon
  • Added 64-bit native APKs
Oct 11 @ 11:49pm
In topic Shield TV limited to 1440p on 4K TV
That's really strange, it looks like the desktop itself is switching to 1440p. I wonder if NVFBC itself is compensating for the very slow encode time you were having when capturing at 4K?

What happens if you disable NVFBC?
Is your computer switching to the "Steam Streaming Speakers" when you're connecting?
Oct 11 @ 12:53pm
In topic Shield TV limited to 1440p on 4K TV
Do you have "Dynamically adjust capture resolution to improve performance" enabled in the advanced host streaming settings in Steam? It sounds like the encoding may not be able to handle 4K and it's dropping resolution to compensate. If this is happening, you should see a message like "Slow encoding, automatically reducing capture resolution" in Steam\logs\streaming_log.txt
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