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Not all wanderers are lost. I, however, am.
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Multiplayer games I'll play
Age of Empires II : Will never master fast castle.
Age of Empires III : Bretty gud average.
Awesomenauts : I made it to league 2 twice . I can only not lose with Ayla or Penny, maybe Clunk.
CS:GO : I'm absolute garbage, but I'll play.
Dark Souls I : Co-op runs with dscm, challenge runs or pseudo speed runs are fun.
Dark Souls II : Not as gud as with 1. Up for coop, peeveepee or whatevs.
Dark Souls III : Total pro at alternating B and R1 spam.
Duck Game : I can angle shot pretty consistently, but not as precisely as I'd want to.
Fistful of Frags : Pass the whiskey.
Gmod : Cinema or TTT are ok.
Killing Floor 1 : Dosh.
Lethal League : Candy Man > Your choice.
Rust : I'd rather take it easy with no more than 2-3x gather rate and a teleport plugin.
ShellShock Live : Because Pocket Tanks isn't on Steam.
SpeedRunners : Gotta go fast.
Terraria : Shit at building, ok at running a tshock or tmodloader server if needed.
Team Fortress 2 : I'll play just about anything, or set up a server too, pl_minepit's enjoyable.
Ultimate Chicken Horse : Dancing ultimate chicken.

Non-steam MP games I'll play
Age of Empires Online : Pretty much works as it once did. Look up "Project Celeste".
Project M : If you can get past the fact I use auto L press, I can do sort of ok.
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DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition