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natalie   New South Wales, Australia

what matters to me in life i really cant say. but until i find a cause to live for, ill walk with mercy and love and hope life treats me the same

Sorry, I have a :necroheart: Girlfriend :necroheart:


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S16 steel- Squad 7, 10th
S17 steel- Squid Squad, N/A
S18 steel- Squid Squad, 5th
S19 steel- Squid Kids, 1st
S20 plat- Squid Kids, 3rd
S21 plat- Squid Kids, 3rd
S22 plat- Squid Kids, 5th
S23 NZ/AU- Sanctum, 3rd
S24 NZ/AU- Crippled Cartel, 5th?

ugc 6s
S23- Super Srs 6s, 3rd

S16 open- Squid Adolescents, 11th
S17 inter- Spog Daddies, 11th
S18 inter- Spog Overlords, :)
S20 prem- No Esky, we lost
S21 open- LFT, idk?

S2- idk the name, tbd

2017 Summer Cup open- 5-1, 2nd
Ulti S11- weenie, tied 3rd


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hello i am greenish nice to meet you ☆

not selling anything in my backpack thanks

i love my kids

if im busy im probably working on commissions or doing assignments. late replies

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:cccbirdie: my art [] | am taking commissions!!

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i am very tired all the time

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2016 Feb 23 @ 11:27pm 
Looking to buy your Volcano Fragment.
quoth Feb 9 @ 10:08pm 
quoth Feb 6 @ 7:57pm 
and no, im not gonna give it back
quoth Feb 6 @ 7:57pm 
hey, it's terry from primary school. In grade 3 you brought your yugioh cards to school. the teacher told you to put them in your bag during class and when you werent looking i stole your dark magician. I'm not sorry I just wanted to let you know bc I never got the credit I deserved for my crime.
Dusk Jan 11 @ 3:37pm 
FOSSILHUNTER.420 Jan 10 @ 10:21pm