Agui   Region Metropolitana, Chile
Soo my friends did this and rn i have nothing else to do soo...

My name is Volpe you can call me well.. Volpe or Volpi

I can speack Spanish and english

I have a lot of favorite games but just for making you an idea what i like, i like FPS,Combat games,stealth games and horror games

I think despacito is overrated just for the fact that is everywhere and in makes me wanna die

I respect everyone (except for undertale fans and reggue fans i cant handle them)

I had a bad a childhood and that makes me have empathy on people so if you need help with something dont be afraid to ask

I hate my classmates and reggue

I Love Rock and Heavy metal

Fav Bands:Bullet for my valentine, Avenged Sevenfold,Foo fighters, Ghost
That is kinda all you need to know about me soo yeah have a nice day ^^

BTW im a male


For Victory at any cost-Deande

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and then people calls me ugly
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♥Zane mystic♥ Jul 3 @ 8:20pm 
-Rep plays fnaf custom night
-rep no tiene pito ajajjajaj .jpg
♥Zane mystic♥ May 11 @ 7:45am 
-Rep and why most you open your asshole to everyone you meet
♥Zane mystic♥ May 7 @ 8:16pm 
-Rep tu culo es mio
♥Zane mystic♥ May 6 @ 1:46pm 
-Rep is laylaks sons instead
♥Zane mystic♥ May 6 @ 10:16am 
-Rep a failure to me he fucked a girl instead of a man