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Welcome to my profile! I'm a servant, I'm a Rider class.

About me:
I'm a nice and funny guy, but usually arrogant at some point. I give good and bad performances.
I sometimes get nervous around girls...

I like: cute things, MILFs :cocochan2: (Praise Kakyoin from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), memes, anime, music, cooking and DOOM! Also Fate
I hate: assholes, modern/rap music right now, scammers and other bad stuff

Favourite songs (Top 5)
Danger Zone
I'm Not In Love
Take On Me

My YouTube channel:
Click here!

If you want to add me, please leave a comment why you're adding me before you add

I'm cute, but sometimes I can be deadly :3c

If you're wondering who are my Masters:

My main Master is: RYzN
My second Master is: Master Pancakes
Favorite Game
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♡ Big Tiddy Mommy ♡ Nov 11 @ 11:39am 
Hi wanna rp? :3c
EzraZander Nov 10 @ 7:31pm 
hey hey i saw youve been helping people out with the hijackers
thankss bud
Master Pancakes Nov 4 @ 7:33am 
I'm being recommended to the Fate games now.
I blame this solely on you.
HealSlut Nov 3 @ 9:36pm 
muy bien
Le Kat | oof~ Oct 29 @ 5:06am 
+rep great waifu choice
Ok, this is epic. Oct 25 @ 9:59am 
Ok, now this is gay.