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Lev Slav   United States
Force is all conquering but its victories are short lived

When I feel bad about myself or life I just start drinking...A LOT...I feel it relieves the pain somewhat to chug down a whole battle of water in one go

Male pattern baldness sucks, had it since 16, I don't want to say bye to my hair :( hair transplant??? maybe.

I don't think I am too good at life, but it doesn't stop me from trying to improve

I am an introvert, this is not a good trait to have but I try to make it work

I work out to improve my muscularity and look like a roman sculpture of what a man (should be?)

I like to be healthy but there is no way I will give up on some junk foods

I am a virgin (duh) and a chaste man in general

I am not religious, I am an atheist who loves to read about pagan religions and their legends (Hellenism, Slavic, Nordic, Sol Invictus)

I love all kinds of music, my taste changes bi weekly it seems from classical to hardcore metal to red army choir to german imperial marches to rap

I like spicy foods

I feel like I spend too much time on the internet, a lot more than I should

I don't like going out much because I feel really self concious in public and I feel like all eyes are on me. Paranoia mostly I know, I cant help it though.

I love cats, dogs I never had one but seem like to much to work with

I am very open about myself as you can tell I am sharing all my insecurities

I am a night owl

I am not well endowed, more or less average, not sure how bad that is?

I am short roughly 176 cm (5'8, 5'9 on a good day cus shoes)

Dark brown hair dark brown eyes, very average and dull I know

I tend to be quite a knowledgeable/intellectual in life, I have dreams of meeting someone who knows the extent of what I know so we can discuss it all knowing what we both are talking about.

I like to watch stuff most people would find disturbing, gore and in general dark and morbid stuff.

I tend to be very sarcastic

I am tired and going to sleep now

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Lev Slav Nov 15 @ 12:40pm 
The one that is updated most recently, not the one on my workshop items
The Gassy Gamer Nov 15 @ 1:20am 
Which version of the Endsieg mod is the "official" one?
Pybro Nov 6 @ 7:30am 
You drink water? TO GULAG WITH YOU
seesar0008 Nov 4 @ 8:02am 
I would teleport INSIDE president Obama during a major speech, I would literally explode out of him, pieces of Obama flying everywhere, brush off bits of Obama meat, and casually continue the speech like nothing happened. When shocked people started asking questions I would simply yell, "Evolution Stone ♥♥♥♥♥es", walk out of the room, and then drag Michelle Obama back to the Oval office by the hair, and ♥♥♥♥ her so hard the neighbors call asking if something was wrong, all the while dripping former husband juice everywhere. Now i get to teleport, have animal sex, AND be the president.
Tajs Cube Sep 11 @ 2:57am 
will you ever update your flag mod?
i hate video games Sep 1 @ 1:26am 
After putting in about 5400 hours at the time of writing this of being this guys friend, I think it's safe to say I can write a somehwat informed review (because I have opinions and I like to share them, that's why). I'm no friend of people, I've only got like 5 or 6, though I'm aware what good friendship means. Overall this guy is pretty friendly on a scale from 1 to 10 I would say 10/10, most importantly woke level is 11/10. My biggest concern so far after 5400 hours is practically nothing. This guy is what one might refer to as a "perfect product", we have had very few in the past in terms of digital games we had Half Life 2 and a handful of others. For people there must be even less so I definately reccomend you add him when you can, preferably on sale.