Slashee the Cow
I'm not really a cow... or am I?

(Damn, it's so hard to type with these hooves!)

Slashee the Cow dot com [] < that has been updated a few years ago to say something will be there at some point
War Pong [] < yeah, that hasn't been updated in like a decade
Slashee's WoW Mods! [] < those are probably out of date too
Slashee's Paddock [] < [insert third out of date message here]
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David 18. Nov. 2009 um 6:46 Uhr 
Mmmm, ribs.
David 20. Juni 2009 um 1:13 Uhr 
Cattle, colloquially referred to as cows, are domesticated ungulates, a member of the subfamily Bovinae of the family Bovidae. They are raised as livestock for meat (called beef and veal), dairy products (milk), leather and as draft animals (pulling carts, plows and the like). In some countries, such as India, they are honored in religious ceremonies and revered. It is estimated that there are 1.3 billion cattle in the world today.