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Velký mistr Roberty. 16 hours ago 
good luck tomorrow!
naukes Apr 18 @ 12:20pm 
i got perma banned and the reason was cheating infractions by killzone anticheat though i run my game with everything closed for better performance i have never used any sort of cheats

please unban me as i should not be required to appeal on my behalf due to poor behaviour from admins abusing their power
Banana Bread Apr 15 @ 7:23pm 
trade me bro
Julz Apr 11 @ 2:24am 
¡ Kye ¡ Mar 28 @ 3:24am 
Have a great weekend!!
naukes Mar 26 @ 11:48pm 
pls unban me :TheD::A::TheD::TheD::Y: