Mason City, Iowa, United States
If you want to know more about myself look at my info
~Just some Info about me~
Name: Skylar but just call me Sky
I am a Male of course!
Age: Ask me nicely about it
Relationship: Taken by my amazing <3 Kotie
Personality: I might be shy at first but I am open in general once I get to know you more, I might be not so talk active sometimes but don't be shy to message me.
What I like: Hanging out with friends, sometimes playing games, doing sports, wearing cute things~
Don't Add me if you are just a friend collector

I am working 10 hours a day this summer so I won't be on steam as much so if you want to talk just message me and I try to respond, I mostly stopped playing video games because I don't have that much time for it anymore.
Dakota Jul 23 @ 2:44pm 
i love you c:
Dakota Jul 13 @ 7:45pm 
happy 20 months
Ich liebe dich mein schatz <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Dakota Jul 13 @ 7:17am 
i love youu :wnheart:
Dakota Jun 26 @ 5:14pm 
this man is my hero <3
Dakota Jun 23 @ 5:11am 
Boop <3
Dakota Jun 21 @ 4:26am