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Very awesome, true quotes:

People who are truly good, kind at heart, almost never self-proclaim how nice they are.

Those who always say they are nice, almost never are. Because when someone is constantly saying how good he/she is, this person is also reminding you of his/her “goodness” hence is expecting some kind of return in gratitude from you.

Most people who are really kind, will not go out of their way to tell everyone how kind they are.

I have experienced people that seem to want to point out how they are always so kind and doing so much good (or for the good of another person). But I often doubt their motivations. A lot of those people tend to complain if you don’t agree to their opinion, and criticize you and condemn you.

Blaming people is extremely easy.

Admitting that you screwed up something and do steps to make it up (apologise and/or do extra work to fix it) requires inner strength.

It requires empathy.

It requires wisdom to see that by blaming things on others they are giving away their power and by owning their mistakes they are in power over the situation.

Many people don’t have, or have very little of any of these qualities thus blame others for whatever goes wrong.

Mental health should always be taken seriously, and those who disregard others' health by spreading hate and negativity deserve nothing but pity.

Psychologists believe that bragging stems from a need for validation and approval. People who feel insecure or inadequate often resort to bragging to prove their worth to others. They seek attention, admiration, and respect from their peers and believe that boasting about their achievements will make them feel more confident and valued.

Another reason why people like to brag is that it gives them a sense of control. By boasting, they feel that they are in charge of how others perceive them. They can shape their image and influence the opinions of those around them. This, in turn, reinforces their sense of power and self-importance.
Time for Personal Q & A ^^
Before I start, I’ll just say that I might be putting some info in spoiler text. That’s because the answers might get a bit depressing and emotionally disturbing, and I know that not everyone is ok with that, so heads up.

Q: How did you come up with your username?

A: Raye comes from Sky Striker Ace – Raye [yugioh.fandom.com], and I love the sky striker archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh! The character Raye has a pretty tragic backstory (as do a lot of the sky striker characters), but I love that there’s such a fascinating lore. As for Skylark, there are many different meanings, but the one that came to mind is the bird, which represents joy and happiness. Although my life at the moment is in a bit of emotional turmoil (might mention it in spoiler text later), I want to try to exude joy and happiness as well as kindness. ^^

Q: Didn’t you use to have a different username? Why the change?

A: Yes, for those who have been my friends for a long time, you’ll know that I used to have a different name. However, I’ve been wanting to make this change for a long time. I have several reasons for doing so, but I guess it all comes down to wanting a fresh start and completely breaking away from certain negativity.

Q: What’s your personality type?

A: I love answering this question. XD I’m an INFJ – The Advocate [www.16personalities.com]. Yes, I’ve taken this test lots of times, and I get this result every time. It’s actually really accurate. :o I’m the kind of person who fights for what’s right and has a deep sense of ethical values. I like to help others, but at the same time, I will never tolerate being a doormat. I won’t be pushed around, especially by those who don’t respect my feelings or opinions. Being an advocate, I guess this makes me more of an outlier, and it isn’t easy for me to make long-lasting deep friendships, especially considering some drama I had to deal with a while back with a couple of people who harassed me to the point of tears, and one of those people even indirectly threatened physical harm to me over a disagreement that this person should have ignored or discussed privately . However, if we end up being friends for a long while, I’ll just say that you’ll have a friend in me and that I’ll always fight for you. If you’re being attacked or having a bad day and just need someone to listen, etc., I’ll be here.

Q: You mentioned Yu-Gi-Oh! earlier, so that explains the avatar. Does that mean you play the game?

A: Yes, you caught me. I have been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links on my phone for quite a long while. (I can imagine one of my friends thinking, “I told you so” and I’ll concede that it’s fun. XD) When I’m not gaming on my computer, then I might play Duel Links on my phone. I do have the game on Steam as well although I’m currently only playing on my phone. Before you ask, you can add me as a friend on the game. I have a different username, though, so it’s best to poke me in chat about that. ^^

Q: Speaking of chat, can I poke you for a chat?

A: Yes, it’s all good. However, I should give a heads up that I don’t really talk much since I’ll usually either be busy gaming, writing reviews, or working. Thus, I tend to keep my status on invisible, but you can poke me if you want to ask a question. I usually won’t be in the mood for long conversations unless I’m having one of those rare days.

Q: Getting back to Yu-Gi-Oh! , does that mean you’re into anime?

A: Yes, I’m an anime fan although I prefer old school anime. In particular, I like the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series (well, all the way up to 5D’s ), Gundam series ( Gundam Wing and Gundam Seed are my faves), Rurouni Kenshin, Dragonball Z , and Sailor Moon (the original magical girl anime). XD

Q: Besides anime, what else do you like?

A: I do enjoy watching action movies, like Mission Impossible , and really good animated movies, like the Kung Fu Panda series. XD Also, this might come as a surprise, but I really like the Super Sentai series (the original Japanese version of Power Rangers ). Although I used to watch Power Rangers , once I started watching more Super Sentai , I found myself really liking it. My favorite series are Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger . As for books, I like mysteries, such as Sherlock Holmes , and dystopian fiction, with The Hunger Games series being my favorite. ^^

Q: What about your relationship status?

A: Ok, let’s get this out of the way since I know there are some people who tend to be curious about that kind of thing. I am in a long-term, loving relationship with my boyfriend, so I am taken. We get into disagreements occasionally, but every couple goes through them and we end up coming out of them stronger than ever. ^^

Q: What games do you like to play (since this is a gaming platform)?

A: That is a very good question and gaming is the main reason I go on Steam regularly. I like a lot of genres, so I’ll list the following (in no particular order):

• Visual Novels (except the fan-service, hentai ones)
• Time Management Games
• Cozy, Cute, Relaxing Games (been loving a lot of the games in the genre recently ^^)
• Hidden Object Games
• RPGs (really need to play more games in this category)
• Platformers (like RPGs, really need to play more games in this category lol)
• Puzzles

I’m open to playing games in other genres as well. If there are any games that I most likely won’t play, they probably are MMORPGs and tower defense.

Q: Can I add you as a friend?

A: I am generally open to having more friends. However, due to the issues I mentioned in my personality section, I have trust issues, so I’ll just put this out there. If you send me a friend request, I’ll accept if we have games and/or other interests in common (and it helps if I can publicly view your friends list). However, there may be particular reasons that I might refuse a friend request.

Basically, if you’re friends with someone who has harassed me in the past , I’ll most likely not accept the request. It isn’t anything personal, but I am trying my best to get as far away from certain people as possible even though I’m scared of a couple of people .

Q: Are there any personality types that you don’t get along with?

A: Yes, I must admit that I am very picky when it comes to this topic. Perhaps it’s just that I’ve been through too many negative experiences, but this is a list of personality types that I can’t get along with (spoiler text below):

• Fake, two-faced people
• Cowards who get others to harass victims
• People who don’t own up to their faults
• People who have zero disregard for others’ feelings, opinions, etc.
• Especially people who advocate for physical assault, make death threats and slander others
• People who don’t allow others to express their opinions (a.k.a. the behavior of dictators and autocrats)
• People who have zero disregard for mental health, putting their own selfishness first

So if you don’t belong in any of the above categories, I’ll most likely accept your friend request. ^^

Q: Why can’t I see your friends list? Why can’t I comment on your profile?

A: I realize that these are two questions, but I figured that it’d be easier to answer both of them at once. I keep my friends list viewable to friends only because I care about my friends and value their privacy. For why non-friends can’t comment on my profile, it's to not deal with trolls and haters.
Q & A about my curation, The Introverted Gamer ^^
Just like with my personal Q & A, I may put some info in spoiler text. XD

Q: How did you come up with the name, The Introverted Gamer?

A: It’s basically a reflection of me. Yes, I admit it. XD The gamer part should be obvious, and as for introverted, that describes a part of my personality. According to Cambridge Dictionary’s website [dictionary.cambridge.org],

Shy, quiet, and preferring to spend time alone rather than often being with other people.

You don’t have to fit all of the above to be considered an introvert, though. For me, personally, I’d say that preferring to spend time alone and being quiet fit me. I used to be shy when I was younger although I feel like I’ve overcome that a lot since then. It’s only in particular situations that this may not be the case. I definitely prefer being in one-on-one situations and spending time at home playing games, watching movies, or reading.

Q: Why did you create your curation?

A: I have many reasons for doing so. It’s something that I wanted to do for a long time, but I never got around to it until late last year, due to some emotional circumstances . For the record, though, I found that I enjoy writing reviews for games, and as I continue to do so, I noticed that I continue to get better at it. It helps that I have a couple of role models in the form of professional game reviewers and that I used to do volunteer work as an editor/proofreader for a games review site. So I wanted to share my thoughts about games with others in the form of reviews, and thus, The Introverted Gamer was created. ^^

Q: Why the phoenix as your image?

A: Phoenixes are totally awesome. XD In all seriousness, though, I love what the phoenix represents. It has many meanings, but some include rebirth or starting over, which I suppose is fitting. Also, it represents many good attributes, such as grace, kindness, prosperity, and reliability. I hope that I embody some of these traits, at least. In addition, the phoenix represents the triumph of good over evil, which is a hero’s way of thinking.

Q: What games do you play and review?

A: I mentioned this in my personal Q & A, so definitely, all the game genres I listed. However, I am open to trying out other game genres, too, except for the specific ones that I stated.

Q: Why do you always wait to 100% complete a game before writing up a review? Also, why the lengthy reviews?

A: This is simply a personal preference (and by no means am I dictating how anyone else should write up their reviews, so there’s no misunderstanding), but I feel like if I write up a review for a game before I obtain all of the achievements, finish all the routes, etc., I’m doing my followers and anyone else interested in reading my reviews a huge disservice. I feel like you don’t get a complete picture of a game if it hasn’t been fully explored, so that’s why I write my reviews like that. As for my reviews being lengthy, I like being as detailed and thorough as possible. This is something that I picked up from a couple of professional game reviewers. I do my best not to leave out any details, whether they be positives, flaws, etc. I’m continually working to be a better game reviewer, so that more people can benefit from reading my reviews. Anyway, that’s why it may take me a while to get a review out, but rest assured that I’m dedicated (while having fun) playing games and writing up reviews. ^^

Q: Didn’t you use to write reviews for another curation?

A: Ok, this answer definitely needs to be put in spoiler text, as this is a sensitive topic for me. Yes, I used to write reviews for another curation, and it’s complicated as to why I left. However, without going into too many details (because I am scared of certain people), I’m not the kind of person who will tolerate having my feelings, opinions, etc., disregarded or my accomplishments thrown away, like they meant nothing. I’ve cried a lot over this, and I’m hoping that certain people will leave me alone forever because no one deserves to be bullied, harassed, etc. I won’t even mention this curation by name, simply because I have been so hurt and disrespected that it doesn’t deserve any respect or acknowledgment from me.

Q: I apologize for the previous question, so I’ll move onto a more light-hearted one. What are your plans for your curation?

A: Of course, I plan to continue playing games and writing up reviews for them, hoping that gamers out there will benefit from them. It goes without saying, but I’d really love follows to The Introverted Gamer . It would mean so much to me, and you can keep up with my latest reviews and whatnot. Also, I have future plans outside of Steam. As to what they are, you’ll just have to check my profile page occasionally. You might see a couple of additions, here and there. If you want to add me as a friend here, then I’ll most likely post updates on my activity feed. XD

Q: How can I follow your curation when I’m already at the 100 curation limit follows?

A: I admit that this is a silly restriction on Steam’s part. I don’t think users should be limited to 100 curation follows, but I’d say that if you have this issue, unfollow the curations that haven’t had any activity for a long time. There are some that have been silent in regards to not getting reviews out and such. Also, I would personally not follow curations in which the reviews aren’t up to certain standards or in which unethical behavior (which I touch upon a bit later in my Q & A) is seen as ok.

Q: Are your games curated in a specific manner?

A: Yes, definitely. The games that I play and review are ones that I’m fairly certain that I’ll enjoy (of course, there can be a few misses – hence, I have a few negative reviews), and I hope that my followers and anyone else reading them will enjoy them, too. Although I’m open to a lot of games and game genres, as I mentioned earlier, there are a few game genres that I won’t touch.

Q: Do you have ethical standards when it comes to reviewing?

A: That’s a very good question, and my answer is yes. Of course, copying someone else’s review word-for-word (or almost) is plagiarism. It’s a no brainer that plagiarism must be reported because a reviewer, no matter what their writing style, pours a lot of effort (in general, since I personally think that some reviewers put more effort into their reviews than others, but that’s a discussion for another time) into expressing their thoughts and whatnot, so for someone to just steal another person’s work is a dirty practice, in my opinion. Also, I believe that a review shouldn’t be posted before a game’s official release date (unless it’s like a few hours or a day, at most, before the game’s release date). Now, some might be wondering why this is a big deal. Well, reviews that violate this ethical standard tend to spoil a game, and it’s a generally accepted rule among professional game reviewers (you can check out professional game review sites as examples) NOT to post a review for a game before the game’s release date. Of course, if it’s a game preview, that’s entirely different, and it’s totally fine to do so.

Q: Why do you have comments turned off for your reviews?

A: To put it simply, I don’t have the time or patience to deal with trolls, and unfortunately, there are lots of them. As I’d rather put my time and energy into playing and reviewing games and such, I have comments turned off by default.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: I know I already said it, but it doesn’t hurt to do so again. Please follow my curation, The Introverted Gamer .
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One last day together. Time is a thief but nothing can take away their happiness. ^^
Review Showcase
37 Hours played
Kanon is a slice-of-life, all-ages romance visual novel with multiple routes developed by VISUAL ARTS/Key and published by VISUAL ARTS. It is the very first game developed by Key but hasn't been available on Steam until now, with HD visuals and Japanese voice acting. You take on the role of Yuichi Aizawa, a teenage boy who moves to the Japanese town where his aunt, Aikiko Minase, and his cousin, Nayumi, live since his parents moved overseas but Yuichi didn't want to leave the country. Although Yuichi once visited this town seven years ago, he has memory gaps of his time there. As he goes about adjusting to life in this snowy town in the middle of winter, he meets various characters, who are potential love interests, and perhaps his memories of the past return. Since I don't wish to give away any story spoilers, I'll leave off my synopsis here. ^^

As for the gameplay, Kanon has 6 female romance routes and lots of choices. While the early choices determine which route Yuichi will go on, the later choices determine whether you'll obtain a good or bad ending. As for who the potential romantic partners are, they're the following: Nayuki (even though they're first cousins, romance between them is considered acceptable in Japan), Ayu (a girl whom Yuichi bumps into and has a love for taiyuki), Makoto (an amnesiac who always tries to pull pranks on Yuichi and seemingly dislikes him), Shiori (a first-year student at Yuichi's high school who has a long-term illness), Mai (a third-year student who fights monsters and is socially awkward), and Sayuri (also, a third-year student who is Mai's best friend and is very friendly). As I mentioned earlier, there is Japanese voice acting, and most of the characters are fully voiced. Only Yuichi is partially voiced. There are plenty of beautiful CGs along with a varied soundtrack. Of course, there are steam achievements, and they count towards a user's global total. However, no Steam trading cards are present at the time of this review.

Now that I've gone over the story and gameplay, I'll move onto my thoughts. I have been a major fan of Visual Arts/Key's VNs (please do check out and follow my curation in which the link will be provided at the end of this review to read some of my reviews of other Key VNs ^^) for a long time now, so I couldn't help getting excited as soon as I found out that Kanon would be coming to Steam. Although I heard lots of wonderful praise about it, I didn't have a chance to play the original version. However, thanks to the wonderful people at VISUAL ARTS, I finally got the chance to play this remastered version and share my thoughts.

First, I'll give my thoughts on the story and characters. I like how the story starts off, with Yuichi sitting on a bench at the station, waiting for Nayuki, who's late. He's in his innermost thoughts, wondering how life is going to be, in another town and away from his parents. Yuichi is pretty much your typical male main character. His main trait is that he tends to like to tease others although it's never in a negative manner. As for the romance interests, they have varying personalities although at first glance, they embody the usual anime tropes. For example, Makoto comes off as a tsundere while Ayu comes off as an airhead by the way she behaves. Although the story can feel slow in the early part (btw, it takes place during the month of January), especially since it's slice-of-life with Yuichi going about his daily school and home life, it definitely picks up once you're on a route and there's definitely more to the chosen romantic partner than appears at first glance. For example, with Makoto, although she initially appears to hate Yuichi for unknown reasons, it turns out that she actually likes him a lot and that there's a very good reason that she behaves in a hostile manner towards him and tries to pull pranks. Also, I love how there's a story with each route. Like, with Shiori, she wants to live a normal life despite her illness, and it turns out that she has an older sister, who is Yuichi's classmate, but her sister actively denies that she has a sibling. Most of the routes are written wonderfully. The only exception is perhaps Sayuri's route, but that's because her route can only be accessed as you play through Mai's route. I felt like Sayuri's route was more tacked on, and I would have loved for more exposition in regards to Sayuri's backstory. Also, the romance felt lacking compared to the other routes. My favorite route would definitely have to by Ayu's, and even the game implies that Ayu's route is the true/canon one.

In regards to the writing, the story is narrated beautifully. Pacing can feel inconsistent with regards to routes, especially towards the ending of routes, but I think that's ok since having time skips helps to move the story along. There were very few grammatical errors (I played the English version, btw) at the time of this review. I only noticed them in Ayu's route, but considering how much story there is, I think it's fine. As for the gameplay, I like how you can access any route as long as you make the appropriate choices. Thus, if you just want to go for Ayu's route, you can do that without having to play another route first. With regards to achievements, all of them unlocked for me although getting the bad ending achievements can be a bit tricky. Even though there are online guides for getting the good endings, I couldn't find guides for bad endings, so I had to experiment with choices and all.

Regarding the art, it is gorgeous. I love that there are HD visuals and CG coloring to modernize this classic visual novel. Of course, I took plenty of screenshots from my favorite moments:




The colors feel vibrant and alive, and the backgrounds, sprites, and CGs are drawn very well. There is a bath scene on Makoto's route although no actual nudity is shown. With the music, the tracks are lovely to listen to. They vary in feelings and capturing pivotal moments in the story, ranging from excitement to heartfelt and emotional. Of course, there's Japanese voice acting, too, and I love listening to all of the characters' voices, even the minor ones who are present to advance the story. As I mentioned earlier, Yuichi's voice is partially voiced, mainly towards the early and ending parts of the story/route. At any rate, the voices fit perfectly with their respective characters.

Overall, would I recommend Kanon? If you're a fan of visual novels, especially the ones by VISUAL ARTS/Key, and you want to experience a story that will touch your heart, has a bit of the supernatural, and makes you believe in miracles, then this is totally worth checking out. I'm happy that Kanon is now available on Steam, and I hope that visual novel fans will take a look at this beautiful classic.

Finally, I want to give a huge thank you to VISUAL ARTS for the review copy. I feel happy and honored that I got to experience this lovely story for the first time and to share my thoughts for others who might be interested. ^^

For more detailed, fully complete, high quality reviews like this, please follow The Introverted Gamer, prioritizing heart and soul always. ^^
Review Showcase
Note: Before I start my review, I want to apologize for the slowness in getting reviews out, which is unusually rare for me. This will be explained in a bit more detail in my review, but this should be rectified now that I have obtained all of the achievements. ^^

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is a productivity app with a gaming (specifically, creature collecting) aspect developed and published by Mooncube Games. When you first start, you're greeted by Lenny, the resident spirit companion who appears as a kitty and is your starter companion. Lenny talks you through a brief tutorial, and you can customize your avatar as well as your room. Also, you start off with some spirit bucks, which is the game's currency from which you can purchase skins for spirit companions, clothing items, and room features. (For the record, there are no in-app game purchases.) Once you finish the tutorial, you can play Spirit City however you like.

As there isn't really a story here, I'll go right into the gameplay. As I explained earlier, you can customize your avatar, room, and spirit companions through the use of spirit bucks. Spirit City is mainly a productivity app, which means that you can use it to organize your tasks, journal your thoughts, and use a pomodora timer to time activities (as well as to remind you when to take breaks). Also, there is a wide range of music track selections (lofi beats) that you can relax to as you work. However, there is a creature collecting aspect as well. There are various spirit creatures that you can capture, and as Lenny explains in the tutorial, you can lure these creatures via clues that are given in the Spiritdex, a spirit creatures guide. Creatures will be brought out, depending on the time of day (morning, afternoon, evening, or night), current activities (ranging from writing to knitting), and/or sound effects. In addition, there is a leveling system, and you can level up by collecting various spirit creatures, logging in daily, checking off a daily task, and using the pomodora timer. Of course, there are Steam achievements and at the time of this review, Steam trading cards are available, too.

Now that I've gone over the gameplay, I'll move onto my thoughts. I love that there is such a productivity app available that has relaxation and cute aspects to it. Having spent lots of time on Spirit City (at the time of this review, over 237 hours :o), I understand why it has gotten lots of praise. It helped me to focus and complete my tasks, as I was very busy for the past couple of months with work-related tasks. The productivity tools are definitely useful. As for the creature collecting aspect, I really loved finding all of the spirit creatures. They're so adorable, and a couple of my favorites are Moonpaw and Earlybirb. ^^



Also, I love the selection of music tracks. They vary from the slower paced beats to the more upbeat ones. Also, you can upload your own customizable tracks. In regards to the art, the style is beautiful and cute, and I love how the colors feel bright and just pop out.

If there are any complaints that I have, it has to be with obtaining all of the Steam achievements. Although most of the achievements were very doable, the ones that I found the most frustrating were the level achievements since there are only a limited number of spirit creatures that can help out with that. They were the reason that it took me so long to complete Spirit City and to get a review out. As a reviewer who values fully completing a game and/or app before I write up a review, since I'd personally feel that I would be taking shortcuts, cheating readers to do otherwise, I found it a bit frustrating. I do want to say, though, that others are free to write up reviews however they want. I just don't feel personally right in doing so before I obtain all of achievements and fully complete a game. To give the developers credit, though, they have listened to such feedback, and I found that gaining experience went by a little faster after a major update. The developers have stated that there will be future updates, which probably means more spirit creatures and perhaps other ways to gain experience. I want to state that although I was able to obtain all of the Steam achievements, I didn't purchase all of the cosmetic options since I'd have to be at over level 100 (at least) to be able to do so. :o

Overall, would I recommend Spirit City: Lofi Sessions? Well, let me experiment a little with my recommendation:

Recommended For:
  • Those who enjoy collecting cute, adorable spirit creatures.
  • Want a good, useful productivity app.
  • Want to listen to relaxing music tracks.

Not Recommended For:
  • Those who want to obtain Steam achievements in a reasonable timeframe.
Although I did enjoy Spirit City (for the most part), I think it could use a bit of tweaking in regards to gaining experience, so that it feels like a joy rather than a slog to use. However, I am looking forward to future updates, especially on obtaining more future spirit creatures.

I want to give a major thank you to Mooncube Games for the review copy. It did take me a long time, but I think it was worth it and I'll love to return to Spirit City. ^^

Also, if you want to read another excellent review from someone who obtained all the achievements and has written up a review as well as uploaded a youtube video explaining Spirit City and whatnot, please click on the link here. Of course, I obtained permission from the reviewer to post the link, and I recommend following his curation and especially, his youtube channel. ^^

For more detailed, fully complete, high quality reviews like this, please follow The Introverted Gamer, prioritizing heart and soul always. ^^
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An encounter under a moonlit night ^^
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