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(TL;DR at the base of this review)

PLEASE NOTE: Hardcore D&D fans need to be aware that Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation is a casual take on the D&D Adventure Board Game, and you will not see the in-depth character creation or gameplay of the tabletop RPG here. Regardless, if you like well-made digital board games and check your expectations at the door, you can find a very enjoyable experience here.

(Watch a gameplay video before purchasing to see if it's for you.)

☑ This experience is worth buying at full price.
☐ Wait to buy when it's on sale.
☐ Wait for improvements before buying.
☐ Save your money.

I came into this game with zero expectations, and have been having a lot of fun with it. BKOM intended to make a D&D adventure board game and did so very well.

How the game is played:
Play as a Human Ranger, Aarakocra Wizard, Saurial Paladin, Tabaxi Bard or combination of them to embark on adventure scenarios depicted on the world map beginning in the Mistcliff Mountains near the Bay Chult and continuing southward through the continent.

Scenarios take place on board game-style diorama maps which are made up of smaller square "puzzle piece" areas that the player will carefully explore to reveal their risks and rewards. These puzzle pieces can have traps to disarm or trigger, monsters to kill or avoid, quest items to collect, treasure chests, etc.

Progression through a scenario takes place in hero phases and enemy phases. Successfully completing the map objectives rewards you with gold, experience, and treasures and also unlocks new scenarios on the map. Heroes and Villains will gain strategic advantages in combat for meeting certain criteria. Use skills, utilities, interrupts, items, and potions to overcome each scenario's challenges.

In between adventures, players can craft better gear with item rewards, alternate between their heroes' skill sets, and select which character(s) they wish to bring on the next quest.

Quest modes come in a variety of difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Horrific.

What I liked:
+ Music is excellent and atmospheric. Mildly reminiscent of Diablo II.
+ Sound effects compliment the actions and style very well.
+ Graphics are very appropriate and aesthetically pleasing. A nice style for D&D environments & monsters.
+ I'm a sucker for the diorama maps.
+ You can zoom in close to the action.
+ The player characters are simple, interesting and fun to progress (You have options to play as a few different premade characters, who then give you options for various skills and abilities).
+ Options for various difficulty modes and rewards.
+ Multiplayer as an intended future feature.

Room for improvements:
- I really appreciate a short tutorial, as I have a very short attention span, although I can see where this can be fleshed out more for those who don't.
- Phases pause the flow of the game, and there are several phases. I did not have issue with this personally, as I enjoy drinking coffee while I relax and enjoy the adventure.

A fun, casual D&D adventure to spend some time in this autumn season under a warm blanket with a hot drink. Easy to pick up and play for short or long gaming sessions.

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