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Personal Achievements

Quarter Block

Get your first 25 blocks

Backpack full of blocks

Get 100 total blocks

Room full of blocks

Get 1,000 total blocks

House full of blocks

Get 10,000 total blocks

City full of blocks

Get 100,000 total blocks

World full of blocks

Get 1 million blocks

Nose Picker

Get 100 total picks

Novice Picker

Get 1,000 total picks

Amateur Picker

Get 10,000 total picks

Pro Picker

Get 100,000 total picks

Expert Picker

Get 1,000,000 total picks

Super Picker

Get 10,000,000 total picks

Mega Picker

Get 100,000,000 total picks

Ultra Picker

Get 1 billion total picks

Monster Picker

Get 10 billion total picks

eSports Picker

Get 100 billion total picks


Unlock Desert Biome

Snowed In

Unlock Snow Biome

Caved In

Unlock Cave Biome


Unlock the Nether Biome


Discover the Mesa Biome


Discover the Jungle Biome

City of Rapture

Discover the Ocean Biome


Land on the Moon!


Unlock Mars Biome

Mt. Doomer

Unlock Volcano Biome

Night Owl

Unlock Twilight Forest Biome

The End?

Discover The End.


Collect 100 Lapis Lazuli


Collect 100 End Stone

Pumpkin King

Obtain the Pumpkin Pickaxe


Craft the Stone Pickaxe

Iron Man

Craft the Iron Pickaxe

Gold Digger

Craft the Gold Pickaxe

Diamond Mine

Craft the Diamond Pickaxe

Emerald City

Craft the Emerald Pickaxe

Master Jewler

Craft the Ruby Pickaxe

Basically Shattered

What did you do...


Unlock the Fire pickaxe

True Picker

Unlock all the core Pickaxes

Fully Clothed

Collect all the Cloth armor


Collect all the Leather armor


Collect all the Chain armor

Fully Plated

Collect all the Iron armor

Fit for a King

Collect all the Gold armor

Bling Bling

Collect all the Diamond armor

Green Machine

Collect all the Emerald armor

Crimson Knight

Collect all the Ruby armor


Obtain the TNT Box PPS Item

Auto Clicker

Reach 100 pps


Reach 500 pps

Antimatter Condenser

Reach 1000 pps


Reach 2500 pps


Reach 20,000 pps

First Chest

Unlock your 1st chest

Chests on Chests

Unlock over 100 chests


Explode a Creep

Do the Creep

Explode over 50 Creeps

Heating Up!

Use your Pickaxe Power for the first time

Gobble Gobble

Collected all 5 items from the harvest event!

Winter Wreath

Find all of the items during the Winter Event!

Sugar Crush!

Use the Candy Pickaxe on the seasonal winter block

Best Friends Forever

Collect both the Sponge and Starfish Item


Discover Cheese on the Moon


Craft the Cosmic Power Cell

Beginning of The End

Prestige for the first time


Reach the 8th level of prestige


Get 10000 critical hits after drinking the potion


(Rare Enchantment) Multiply a Rare block


Use your TNT ability on Bedrock


Use your drill 500 times

Spooky Event!

Collect all the items of the Spooky Event!

Lucky Amulet

Collect all of the Lucky Event Items!


Defeat the Bunny 10 times during the Egg Hunt event

Hot Topic

Craft 5,000 blocks from the Furnace

Dolly Block

Craft a duplicate block with the Atomic Furnace


Find a rare block with Block Randomizer or Block Discovery

Baked Potato

Make a baked Potato

Local Brewery

Drink 4 potions at once


Create Obsidian using the Bucket


Break 1,000 blocks at once with the Anvil


Have a Legendary Artifact of +25 or better


Have every single type of book in your inventory

Infinity Scroll

In the skill tree, unlock the Infinity Scroll

Get Thrifty!

Purchase an item in the store at discount with 'discount skill'

Sweet Dreams

Explode a bed

Herobrine's Lair

Discover Herobrine's Lair. Where is he?


Listen to all three tracks from Sono's mixtape

Snowball Adept

Hit 10 mobs with snowballs during the Winter Event!

Master Snomon Builder

Craft a Legendary SnoMon during the Winter Event!

Remembering Pearl

Craft the Mythical Pearlescent SnoMon during the Winter Event!

Trophy Hunter

Collect at least 5 trophies from Bosses

One-shot Sono

One-shot Sono

You are a now a PickCrafter

You are a now a PickCrafter