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shoutouts 2
darius!! blawdziew, mechanix , fruitjelly, zai & swift
sa-mp greyfox (dueller)

[TC] <P> (UvH) [BA] [mZ] [BoD] [LAC] [.U.] _RSAH_ [uL]
unofficial memberships/server related gangs:
"The Morrelo's" "The Syndicate";

↓↓↓↓ general summary of servers and clans i spent my time with ↓↓↓↓
Chillpoint server & admin crew what the hell was that man? banning a guy for joining a clan.

shoutout, The Morrelos (jeyo, unexist, also TC's) and the Syndicate, i forgot the name of the guy who ran it.
TC - The Corporation *love you darius you are a good leader/teacher and your UK 100%
john1337s 9th ban appeal "for the charm" is some legendary stuff, xay0r you a weird dude man, nerding it out, mrtape brought somewhat of a more mature and serious influence into the clan.
but even tho the perception or general word was that darius was just a troll or something but you gotta admit he's had near-no flaws in his game, a real 2shot king back then and even became a rock-solid WW player, SALUTE

<P> The Prodigies (Sid, you dirty rat, good speeches tho) also shoutout RYANKILLA for giving me some BANGING tunes.

All the RPG-FREEROAM guys, AcE i hope we can some day find eachother again, hotpockets my dude HAWT pockets.
Reggie's RP, shoutout Bz he beat me a few times really made me look stupido!

[BoD] - cringe name, cringe players, real fun, we became a unit just by accident, honorable mention for the absolUTE cutie [BoD]Mechanix, manele my man, made in romania, you were my best friend at this time in life || swift man people hate but i feel we always got eachother and much respect for that, keep that 50 cent avatar forever what up, blood, what up gangstaa

[Mz] gambler where you @? mad sae hater lol + im sorry dude but my mom just forced me to go 2 bed at 21:00 so i could never finish a CW, i just never told you guys.

[UvH] Ultra Violent Hooligans - shoutout UvH Ganja for teaching me some tips and tricks.

[BA] - Bassie & Adriaan clan, shoutout darkfire, hellion, also haze but he wasnt really BA 2 the core he dindt want 2 play with kids like me :p

[U....]nited - shoutout yukiko/tuxido, thanks for making me be able to lay-low start again with a better attitude, sorry i ditched you guys. but you guys did really ♥♥♥♥ up the name tho, Underscore in bbcode

_RSAH_ - shoutout Blawdziew(not fat, fighting these days for realer) for making me join, also SeriouS thanks for the nice words, Dito you were one of my best friends just period, BuRn / Evolution etc, many thanks for playing im sorry i was ♥♥♥♥♥♥ teammate and got hacked by those QTQ ♥♥♥♥♥. also pawel u are emo (or whatever the joke was)
i still remember the day we were having a TCW or something and somebody in the team (i honestly forgot) raged the hell out, and then a silence on TS, and then a female voice asked if everything was alright that ♥♥♥♥♥ just amazing.
altho this clan may have been my highest peak individually i did ruin the team, i feel like.
also dav0 was never legit that ♥♥♥♥ dodgy as a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
shaker making money making skins for the compeditor, that stuff is gold , nao in m2s

[uL] - mad thanks for accepting me out of like pity or respect, jakez you beat me all the time it pissed me off so hard, salute,

[LAC] - we were just a bunch of drunks who never really practiced, fun conversations tho.

[5iN] ~ joke team for actual SiN rejects, like me, HoogerBooger respect he kept his cool, and eventually he was just a good entertainer and knew how to stir stuff up, was much fun and we did have like 50+ members at one time.

GTA:T ||||| PVCM/uMAD/BiB /PTM, panic stop chainsawing everybody its just really nasty
special shoutout too the legend "st3fan0s", hell yeah you play sa-mp when farming is done.

ive always like the SAE guys i always tought we could hang, deatheat3r farmer420 or w.e, top lads, i would've tried to join but your website was so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ annoying GUI i remember.

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