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1500 nigga if ur tryna come n book me
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daxton před 4 hodinami 
hello there evan from
jpn před 5 hodinami 
that hoodie aint cheap and i still have an iphone 6 cos why upgrade, im getting the best iphone in nov anyway cos thats when my contract runs out, price check my house u have my address, its worth £850k which is around 1mil dollars so ???
Däniel před 5 hodinami 
pl4tYpus - Today at 8:46 PM
instagram name
he says he is rich
but iphone 6 in 2018
i cry
1 million dollar house and wearing same hoodie in every pic
Sensei před 9 hodinami 
sign pls
netv4r 21. dub. v 6.16 
wtf pic xd
21 und sugardaddy 16. dub. v 10.44 
bester mann