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Personal Achievements


Send your Robot Pirate to Space

Rough Seas

Get caught out in Rough Seas

Nice Try

Try to escape the wave through unconventional methods

Calm Seas

Get as far away from the wave as you can


Score 112 points or less

Through the Roof

Break out of the Screen


Have all three Power-Ups active at once


Get the Spring Jump Power-Up


Collect 100 Doubloons in the Main Menu


Max out the Luck Power-Up


Max out the Speed Power-Up


Max out the Power Power-Up


Max out the Jump Power-Up


Max out the Bling Power-Up

Privateer in Training

Score 50,000 points or more

Marauder in Practice

Score 100,000 points or more

Raider in Instruction

Score 150,000 points or more

Corsair in Tuition

Score 200,000 points or more

Buccaneer in Cultivation

Score 300,000 points or more

Fully Pledged Pirate

Score 500,000 points or more

Minute Maiden

Survive over 10 minutes

Timely Escape

Survive over 20 minutes

Half Hour Well Spent

Survive over 30 minutes

I'm a Survivor

Survive over 40 minutes

Copper Collector

Collect 500 Doubloons in one run

Bronze Bringer

Collect 1000 Doubloons in one run

Silver Stealer

Collect 2000 Doubloons in one run

Gold Gatherer

Collect 3000 Doubloons in one run

Big Doubloons

Collect 4000 Doubloons in one run

Tea Break

Survive over 5 minutes