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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 1:36pm

Machete Slinger

Killed the Machete Slinger boss
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 1:59pm


Killed the Fisherman boss
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 2:11pm


Killed the Glutton boss
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 2:21pm


Killed the Goliath boss
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 2:31pm


Killed the Surgeon boss
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 1:40pm

Blood Wave

Kill 10 zombies with one shockwave in Zombie Surfing


Earn a total of £50,000
6,328 / 50,000

Obligatory Kill a Lot Achievement

Kill a total of 25,000+ enemies
2,057 / 25,000


Amputate 8,000 zombie arms
0 / 8,000


Shoot off 5,000 pairs of zombie legs
0 / 5,000


Decapitate 10,000 zombies
0 / 10,000

Sidearm Kills

Kill 600 enemies with sidearms
86 / 600

Shotgun Kills

Kill 2,500 enemies with shotguns
770 / 2,500

Rifle Kills

Kill 2,500 enemies with single-shot rifles
101 / 2,500

Auto-rifle Kills

Kill 2,500 enemies with auto-rifles
702 / 2,500

Melee Kills

Kill 2,500 enemies with melee weapons
23 / 2,500

Supa Shotgun Kills

Kill 1,000 enemies with Supa Shotguns
210 / 1,000

Supa Sniper Kills

Kill 1,000 enemies with Supa Snipers
101 / 1,000

Supa MG Kills

Kill 1,000 enemies with Supa MGs
89 / 1,000

Mayhem Massacre

Kill 500+ zombies in a single round of Mayhem (singleplayer)


Open 300 crates
146 / 300

Large Rack

Unlock every weapon


Unlock all perks


Max out all stat buffs

Surf's Up!

Play Zombie Surfing 10 times
2 / 10

Bloody Metal Mask

Give the Machete Slinger a taste of his own medicine (unlocks the Bloody Metal Mask)

Plague Doctor Mask

Repel a lot of zombies (unlocks the Plague Doctor Mask)

Black Cowboy Hat

Use the Lever-action rifle to teach some big monsters a lesson (unlocks the Black Cowboy Hat)

Tall Top Hat

Die a lot (unlocks the Tall Top Hat)

Taller Top Hat

Found and unlocked the Taller Top Hat

Fashion Lover

Unlock all hats and facewear


Dig 750 holes
0 / 750

Crank It

Win a game of Defence without taking any damage

Blood Donator

Have 30+ maggots on you at once


Find a great photo opportunity

Batter Up!

Hit back 262 projectiles (unlocks Baseball Bat)
0 / 262


Kill 1,000 enemies with explosives (unlocks Mining Helmet)
47 / 1,000

Fish Ninja

Cut up a bunch of fish (10) in a row without being hit by one (unlocks Headband and Blindfold)

Lumber Jack

Chop down some stumps (unlocks Wood Axe)

Ping Pong Boom

Hit a stick of dynamite 7 times back and forth with a friend

Dark Crusher Mask

Kill a Crusher by only hurting it with it's own rocks until it gets angry, then proceed to not take any damage from it (unlocks the Dark Crusher Mask)

Zom Sawyer

Cut off 1,000 limbs with the Bone Chainsaw
0 / 1,000

Boss Rush

Clear the Tower Bridge

Ultimate Boss Rush

Clear the Tower Bridge, having all the bosses chasing you at once

Pumpkin Smasher

[Halloween] Smash 100 Pumpkins (unlocks the Pumpkin Head)
0 / 100

Sweet Tooth

[Halloween] Eat 200 pieces of candy (unlocks the Witch Hat and Nose)
0 / 200

Festive Hat

[Xmas] Get a Festive hat off a Zombie or a Friend (unlocks Santa Hat)

Deerwolf Hunter

[Xmas] Find and collect the Antlers off the "Deerwolf" (unlocks Antlers)

GIBZ - Easy

Beat the final boss having never lowered the difficulty below EASY on that character

GIBZ - Normal

Beat the final boss having never lowered the difficulty below NORMAL on that character

GIBZ - Hard

Beat the final boss having never lowered the difficulty below HARD on that character (unlocks Broadsword)

GIBZ - Hardcore!

Beat the final boss having never lowered the difficulty below HARD or spent any money on that character (unlocks Dark Knight Helmet)


[Halloween] Go Trick-or-Treating wearing a Halloween themed item

Copy Cat

[Halloween] Find and unlock the Spitter and Werewolf Masks


[Xmas] Get a Snowman Head

Just Getting Started

[Base Defence] Clear 20 Waves
0 / 25

Your Turf

[Base Defence] Clear 100 Waves
0 / 100

Another Round

[Base Defence] Clear 200 Waves
0 / 200


[Base Defence] Unlock everything under the Building Tree


[Base Defence] Unlock everything under the Survivor Tree

The Squad

[Base Defence] Have 4 fully decked out Survivors in your base

I'll Sit This One Out

[Base Defence] Have a Boss reach 0 health without a single player damaging them

Eggcellent Defence

[Base Defence] Don't let a single chicken damage anything during a wave of chickens

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