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  • Soundtrack - The very first thing I did after I finished reading this was to go and buy the OST so I can remind myself of the experience I just went through in the future.
  • Engaging, captivating story - Although you get to know how it all ends after the first few minutes, you will definitely be overwhelmed by emotions in the end. Whether you admit that it made you cry or not is an entirely different story. It's actually quite impressive how immersed you can get into common activities, such as riding a bike.
  • Charming cast of characters - Of course, you may recognize some common archetypes amongst them, but they're still rather distinct. They interact incredibly well with eachother, which in turn makes it highly unlikely for anyone to dislike any of them.
  • Lighthearted atmosphere - Despite its serious conclusion, this will have you giggling and smiling throughout most of the game.
  • Gorgeous backgrounds & CGs
  • Easter eggs - Obviously cannot go into details without spoiling anything, but for once I would highly suggest you to get all the achievements if you end up buying this game. It's not the achievements themselves that are important, but you'd miss out on a few things without getting them all.

  • Some.. unnecessary angles - This game is about as far as it gets from having lewd content, so the random pantyshots thrown in make little to no sense and may potentially ruin the innocent/lighthearted feel of the story.
  • Unique Artstyle - This is obviously gonna be hit or miss for many, as you likely haven't seen anything like it before (the only exception being Magenta Factory's previous title, Shan Gui, of course)
  • Very few choices - Not really an issue for me as I enjoy kinetic novels as well, but do note that there are about 3-4 choices per playthrough that lead to one of the three possible endings. On the other hand, I guess you could say that they're more impactful.

  • Typoes & grammar mistakes are all over the place. While I highly doubt anyone will have issues understanding the message, it's still worth mentioning that they're ever-present. There is a discussion where you can report them and they'd get fixed, but it's not very active so it will likely take a while until this is completely flawless.

Overall, I've really enjoyed my journey alongside Jiayun and her friends through the select locations in Nanjing. To end this review, I think this particular quote sums up the whole experience rather well: "I then realised that, in this story, sadness seemed to only be a small, insignificant part. Everything else were joyful memories."

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