R.I.P. Laura "LauryG" M. (25.4.2001 - 1.10.2018) ❤︎

Before I close my eyes, let me tell you that I'm sorry for everything. Gotta go now. I love y'all.

R.I.P. Jules Bianchi #JB17 (3.8.1989 - 17.7.2015) ❤︎
R.I.P. Jahseh Dwayne "XXXTENTACION" Onfroy (23.1.1998 - 18.6.2018) ❤︎
R.I.P. Gustav "Lil Peep" Åhr (1.11.1996 - 15.11.2017) ❤︎
R.I.P. Laura "LauryG" M. (25.4.2001 - 1.10.2018) ❤︎

You will forever be missed. ❤︎
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John "SkashyG" Savage - A True Letdown
Nobody cares about my feelings or if I'm hurt or not. Everyone knows that I'm "fine" and that I don't need any help. I've let so many people down in my life. The pain will never end and that's something that I have realized over the past few years. There is only one thing that can stop the pain. DEATH. My weakness seems to be that I can't stop breathing. And I know that there may be 1 or 2 people that will be sad once I'm gone but after a few days there will be nobody that'll care about me anymore. I drink and smoke everyday because that kind of helps me numbing my pain. But after all we were born to die anyway so why not make the process shorter.

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If you want to stay updated on the songs that I like and you are looking for a good spotify playlist, here is a link to mine (2k songs)

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