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aWildAsianHasAppeared! May 28 @ 4:33pm 
hey, I saw that you knew how to use the Debug console to get the assassin creed outfits for FF 15 would u mind telling me how?
Robin Apr 23 @ 10:33am 
I was thinking of making an announcement tomorrow or wednesday. I just have some manual stuff you need to do currently to get it to work, I would like to get rid of the worst of that first to avoid having to manually send ppl files etc. But anybody is welcome to use it really.
dschohanes Apr 10 @ 8:25am 
ok thanks
🔰SkacikPL🗾 Apr 10 @ 8:24am 
By browsing game files using that editor, anims are in w2anims format.
dschohanes Apr 10 @ 8:20am 
Oh the Ansel Utiliys Mod looks like what im looking for, but how do i find mimics, poses, etc with the software from the readme?
🔰SkacikPL🗾 Apr 10 @ 8:17am