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It's gonna be the last one with Kimi Räikkönen so, what are you waiting for?
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I'm nearing the end of this game (or so I think) and one thing has remained in my head. Many AAA games wish to be what Supraland is, and that's a Supragame.

It's incredible to see how this game essentially would not exist without its many influences from games and throughout media, because it leans so heavily on established tropes and characters/setting. However, it shines through that in every way simply because the game is easy to play & has plenty of stuff to do.

The main strength for this game is that the mechanics are very fun, it's super well thought out, and you just keep wondering what development will breakthrough next. The game combines pretty much every genre, from FPS to Metroidvania, Puzzlers like Portal or Talos Principle, Platformers, RPG. It does so many more things than I thought before I started, and even as I was still gathering my first impressions I couldn't quite believe that it all worked so well.

This game is Supra-Tier. I don't like to throw praise around for just anything, but to note that this is made by a one-man team is mind-blowing. Many puzzles have several solutions, not because the game is broken but because it is open-ended enough to allow the player a unique experience. To be quite honest, I'm glad I've leaned on a guide (for Achievements) because it's really allowed me to explore this game over while I'm working through the map with new upgrades.

Ultimately I have to recommend this game. I'm even going to recommend it at full price (though I didn't spend that) because it's one of those gems in the OP (Overwhelmingly Positive) category that has earned it's praise. The humor is fantastic. The gameplay is satisfying and reminds me of games like Portal, Half-Life 2, and many others. It just feels downright good to play and I think anyone who can, should play it.