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Personal Achievements

First Savings

Collect $10,000

Financial Sustainability

Collect $25,000


People owning a bankroll of $50,000 are hugely respected among businessmen. Become one of them!


Purchase Sierra 4-6-0 locomotive.

Bounty Hunter

Enforce law and order. Kill 7 wanted criminals.


Gather a complete collection of all locomotives.

Family Embraces

Locate all members of your kin and help them out.


Obtain licenses to travel all routes in the game.


Earn 1000$ worth of interest on your bank deposit.


Break land speed record - reach 75 miles per hour!

Pullman Car

Convey 25 passengers.

Man of Reliance

Complete 100 quests.

Victory for Family Honor!

Collect 51% shares and regain family ownership of the company.


Complete 50 requests to transport goods.

1, 2, 3... Sold!

Win an auction.

Jessie James

Find yourself on a wanted poster.

Real Estate Baron

Win 10 auctions for real estate properties.


Kill 500 foes.
0 / 500


Do 10 smuggling runs for the bootleggers in the saloon.

Standard Oil

Purchase 3 oil wells.


Be in possession of a Coal mine, Steel factory, Tools factory and Weapon factory simultaneously.

Natural Born Courier

Deliver 15 letters to the post offices.

Double kill

Kill 2 foes with one blast.

Triple Kill

Kill 3 foes with one blast.

Le Voyage dans la Lune

Ride 380 000 km on a single locomotive.

Been Far and Wide

Cover 1 million miles during all sessions of the game.
0 / 1,000,000

Swimming in Money

Obtain one million dollar turnover through all sessions of the game.
0 / 1,000,000

Union's Ally

Earn +100 of Union's faith

Faithful Confederate

Earn +100 of Confederate Army's trust

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