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Personal Achievements

Gold Hoarder

Bank Roll the team to gold level 10 times.
0 / 10

Demo King

Get 5 or more kills by using mines in a game - without teamkilling.

All Leaderboards

Be on every leaderboard.
0 / 18

Immortal Shark

Kill 6 divers without dying.

All Or Nothing

Land the final killing blow in a game while your teams tickets are at zero.

Two Sharks One Spear

Hit both sharks with a single spear.

Sleeping With The Fishes

Kill a diver while their whole team is watching and live.

Sneaky Diver

Win a game with 3 or less deaths.

Expanding Horizons

Win games on 5 different maps.
0 / 5

Best Friends Forever

Kill a player that is attacking a team mate 50 times.
0 / 50

Locked And Loaded

Unlock 14 pieces of diver equipment.
0 / 14

Spray And Pray

Get 2 kills within a single clip from an automatic weapon.


As a diver, kill 16 sharks in a game.


As a diver, slaughter a seal.

Immortal Diver

Kill 6 sharks without dying.


Secret achievement!

Last Gasp

While low on health, slay 50 sharks with the diving knife.
0 / 50

Hail Mary

Successfully toss a bag of treasure to S.T.E.V.E. at a distance greater than 20 meters.

Technical Difficulties

As a shark, destroy 50 Sonar Buoys.
0 / 50

Can Robots Cry?

As a shark, disable S.T.E.V.E. 50 times.
0 / 50

Deep Red Sea

As a shark, kill 1000 divers.
0 / 1,000

Front Toward Enemy

As a shark, kill 25 divers with their own mines.
0 / 25

Daring Explorer

Recover $10,000 worth of treasure from locations at least 30 meters away from S.T.E.V.E.
0 / 10,000

Hunter Hunted

Tag 100 sharks resulting in their death.
0 / 100

Oh Yeeeeeaaaah!

As a shark, bust through a wall and grab a diver on the other side with a single lunge.

They're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

As the Megalodon, kill 10 Divers in a single life.

Arms Race

Be the first player to reach the Explosive Harpoon in a game of Megalodon Hunt.


Kill the Megalodon with no help from other divers.

The Harder They Fall

Land the killing blow on 100 Megalodons.
0 / 100

A Friend In Need...

Heal teammates 10 times with Medkits you deployed.
0 / 10

Hammer Time

As the hammerhead, Kill 10 divers with impact damage.
0 / 10

Can we fix it?

Repair S.T.E.V.E. for 500 points of damage using the welding torch.
0 / 500

A Perfect Predator

As any shark, max out your species active ability.

Net Profit

As a diver, ensnare 25 sharks in a net, resulting in their death.
0 / 25

Gravy Trainwreck

As a shark, completely destroy S.T.E.V.E.


Kill 10 Bull Sharks.
0 / 10

El Toro

Get 10 Kills as the Bull Shark.
0 / 10

P.A.T. on the Back

Get 10 Kills using P.A.T.
0 / 10

P.A.T. Down

As a shark, destroy 10 P.A.T.
0 / 10

Shark of 9 Tails

Hit multiple divers with the Thresher's Tail Lash 9 times.
0 / 9