Jason   Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States
:moxes: "Can you keep a secret?"
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Who am I?
I am a GenX Creator, Voiceover & successful Serial Entrepreneur. Gaming since the early 80s. Game On!
I like to play RPGS, Multiplayer FPS, Strategy, Retro Arcade and many others. I work out daily and inhale coffee.
I am the proud father of 2 beautiful girls.

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:ofdp2bolt: System Shock
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:moxes: I do not accept all Friend Requests (private profiles, vac bans, etc.)
:moxes: !!!Do not beg me for Stuff!!! - (Big pet peeve and will block)
:moxes: I do not vote for teams - (Most of these are scams setup to hijack Steam accounts.)
:moxes: Join our Discord channel if you like chatting.
:woodlehappy: Be a good person and treat others the way that you would like to be treated!
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Have Nice Day ♥
I own a Gladius for home defense, since that is what the founders of Rome intended. Four plebeians break into my home. "By Jove!" as I replace my Toga with a Galea and grab my Pila and Gladius. Leave a golf ball sized wound in the first man, he is dead on the spot. Throw my other Pilum at the second man, miss him entirely because he is too far and nail the neighbour's dog. I have to resort to the Onager at the top of the stairs loaded with pots of Greek Fire, "Roma Invicta!" as the Greek Fire burns two men to a crisp, the roaring sound and out of control fire sucking up all the oxygen. Strap my Scutum to my arm and charge the last terrified plebeian. He bleeds out waiting for the police to arrive since Gladius wounds are impossible to stitch up. Just as the founders of Rome intended.
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